Weasel Guy

Real Name: Dweasel Ravenswood

Identity/Class: Mutated human

Occupation: Slacker, superhero, would-be movie star

Affiliations: Jennifer Duncan (a.k.a. Ferret Femalem, girlfriend); Mr. Omnipotent; Witchblade

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: (originally) New York; (now) Los Angeles

First Appearance: Weasel Guy / Witchblade #1 (Hyperwerks)

Powers/Abilities: Weasel powers I guess.

History: When sixteen year old Dweasel Ravenswood was bitten by a fifty foot radioactive weasel during a taxidermy attempt gone wrong, he gained incredible powers. Realising that the proper thing to do in such a situation was to don a superhero costume and fight crime, he became Weasel Guy, the world's greatest hero.

But ten years of crime fighting have left him jaded and bored. So now he's quitting the East Coast for the west, intending to become a Hollywood star instead.

Comments: Created, written and drawn by Steve Buccellato. Produced by Hyperwerks, his second title, Weasel Guy: Road Trip, was published through Image Comics.


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