Real Name: Zor

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Jungle lord

Affiliations: Nu (sabre-toothed tiger companion), Ochak (gorilla), Dela Parker, Zorita, Dick Hanly, "Gunner" Dan, Kreeta

Enemies: Emperor Manuf, Captain Ting, Monkeymen of Kul

Known Relatives: Zorita (mate), Tor (brother)

Aliases: The Mighty

Base of Operations: India

First Appearance: Capt. Commando Comics (F.E. Howard, 1945)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled at jungle survival, hunting and tracking. Expert fighter.

History: Zor was a caveman from prehistoric times, who somehow travelled to the modern day and ended up in India. Accompanied by Dela Parker, he made his way to the subterranean world of Koz, where he helped overthrow the dictator Emperor Manuf, but Dela Parker died, sacrificing her life to save his by jumping in the way of a acid pellet shot at him by Manuf''s lackey, Captain Ting.

Departing Koz, Zor subsequently used Professor Papove's time machine to travel back to the Stone Age alongside his friends Dick Hanly and "Gunner" Dan. Finding his old tribe had been enslaved in his absence by the Monkeymen of Kul, Zor and his friends freed them. Deciding they wanted to see more of the modern world, Zor and his mate Zorita then returned with Dan and Dick, leaving Zor's brother, Tor, to rule the tribe.

Comments: Created by E.G. Letkeman.

Initially published by Toronto company F.E. Howard, Zor transferred to Superior Publications.

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