Real Name: Zoo-Lou

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Exterminator

Affiliations: Roachmill

Enemies: Roachmill

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Punisherator

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, c. A.D.2981

First Appearance: Roachmill (Blackthorne)

Powers/Abilities: Zoo-Lou appears to be a kind of living cartoon character. He shrugs off injuries the same way Bugs Bunny does.

History: (Zoo-Lou vs. Editor, Dark Horse Presents #67, November 1992) Deciding that whenever Zoo-Lou appears in a Dark Horse Comic its sales plummet, Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson puts a price on the head of the insane character. However Zoo-Lou evades the hitmen and arrives at the offices of Dark Horse disguised as the Punisherator (sic) from Marvel Comics, looking to defect. He wrecks the place, thus drawing the ire of Randy Stradley, the Editor (rhyme it with Predator), and a battle royal ensues. At the end it turns out to be just a dream of Randy's, who is then unhinged when he finds out his dream is a story in the next issue of Dark Horse Presents. Carried off in a strait-jacket, he unknowingly leaves Zoo-Lou behind answering the readers' letters.

Comments: Created by Rich Hedden and Tom McWeeney.


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