Membership: Claymore, Crossbones, Dane, Dozer, Flattop, Grail, Jester, Mother-One, Pilgrim

Purpose: To battle the Night Tribes

Affiliations: Armand Waering

Enemies: The Night Tribes, Miles Craven

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: WildC.A.T.S. #2 (Image)

History: The Wetworks squad were International Operations replacements for Team-7, their dirty missions team. The leader of the unit was Jackson Dane, one time member of Team-7, who picked his operatives from the best the U.S. military had to offer. After a number of jobs, they were sent on a mission to destroy and enemy base and steal a "biological agent" from it. The agent proved to be a number of symbiotes being developed by the undead Vampire Nation, golden "skins" which the nospheratu had hoped would allow them to walk in the sun once more. The team successfully appropriated them, but were horrified to be confronted by a second squad sent by their superior Miles Craven to eliminate them and collect the "Gold" on completion of the mission. Mother-One, the leader of the second squad, changed sides, and in the confusion, Dane's team were bonded to the Gold.

In the aftermath Mother-One revealed she was working for someone other than I.O. - her real employer was industrialist Armand Waering. Waering granted the squad sanctuary, and explained that there was a secret society of supernatural races, the Night Tribes, hiding amongst humanity. The Vampire Nation was one section of these Tribes, and Waering offered an alliance - Dane's team, now christened Wetworks, would help him fight the Vampire Nation, in return for which he would aid them against Craven. What Wetworks didn't know was that Waering was a lycanthrope and leader of the Were Nation, a rival group within the Night Tribes.

Two members of Wetworks died early in their battles with the undead - Flattop and Crossbones. Later Pilgrim's brother, Nathaniel Blackbird joined the squad, and they learned that both he and Pilgrim (unknown to her) were both werewolves. Several members of the squad died during a major mission some time later, and Wetworks broke up. Recently Dane has reactivated the team to deal with breaks in reality caused by another superteam, which have been turned into portals for forces from another dimension.

Comments: Created by Whilce Portacio.


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