Membership: (Seen left to right) Misha, Leona, Gregory, Colonel Tigon Liger, Perez, Stacy Arnheim

Purpose: To explore on behalf of Mys-Tech, and to procure valuable or exploitable technology and magics.

Affiliations: Agents of Mys-Tech


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Warheads

History: Using their magics, the board of Mys-Tech long ago worked out how to predict where and when gaps would open up in our space-time continuum, wormholes that if combined with the right spells and rituals would allow people to be transported to other planets and dimensions and back (so long as time spent elsewhere is kept limited). The Warheads are teams of mercenaries employed by the Mys-Tech corporation to go through these wormholes in search of superior technology, to steal what they find, and to bring it back for Mys-Tech to exploit.

The top team of Warheads is Kether Troop, commanded by Colonel Liger.



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