Leo Wyatt

Real Name: Leo Wyatt

Identity/Class: Supernatural being (Avatar)

Occupation: Protector of the Charmed Ones
former WW2 medic, Whitelighter, Elder, Handyman (technically; it was mainly just his cover for mortal charges)

Affiliations: The Charmed Ones, Avatars, Lieutenant Darryl Morris of the SFPD
former British Army, Council of Elders, Whitelighters

Enemies: Darklighters, Rick and Nathan Lang, Gideon, Barbas, evil in any form

Known Relatives: Piper Halliwell (wife), Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (son), Chris Halliwell (son), Prue Halliwell(sister-in-law, deceased), Phoebe Halliwell (sister-in-law), Paige Matthews (sister-in-law), Patty Halliwell (mother-in-law, deceased), Penny Halliwell (grandmother-in-law, deceased), Lillian Wyatt (widow, deceased), Chris Wyatt (father)

Aliases: Barbas, Jeric (briefly assumed their appearances on some occasions)

Base of Operations: Halliwell Manor, San Francisco, California

First Appearance: Charmed Episode #3 'Thank You For Not Morphing' (WB, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Leo is a Whitelighter. He is capable of healing others simply by laying his hands on them, but cannot heal the dead if their spirits have already passed on; he can also heal himself, so long as the wound is not caused by a Darklighter, but cannot heal people if their wounds were not caused by evil, nor can he heal demons. He can levitate up or down, but apparently cannot actually fly like Phoebe. He is able to change his appearance to resemble others. He can shield himself and others from evil being searching for them, travel from place to place in sparkling white lights, known as orbing, erase people's memories of magical encounters, and heat and cool objects in his immediate vicinity. When he became an elder, his powers became stronger, and he gained the ability to fire lightning bolts from his hands. After becoming an Avatar, his powers were boosted further, to an unspecified but major degree.

History: Originally, Leo was a simple army doctor in World War Two, fighting the Germans alongside his childhood friends Rick and Nathan Lang, while his wife, Lillian, waiting for him at home. However, everything went wrong when he was sent to the Battle of Guadalcanal with Rick and Nathan; they died when a bomb struck the tent Nathan had just been taken into with a wounded leg, and then Leo, having saved several soldiers on the battlefield, was killed himself. However, because of his good deeds in life, Leo became a Whitelighter after his death. Whitelighters are humans who, due to their sacrifices and aiding of others while alive, became agents of good after death to aid the living; mainly witches, but they could also aid humans with the potential to become Whitelighters themselves if they looked like losing faith in the way they'd chosen to live their lives. They commonly did this by entering the lives of the humans or witches by posing as a mortal helping them in some more obvious way; for example, Leo commonly posed as a handyman for his new charges, giving them advice in the process.

Everything went fairly well for Leo at first, but everything changed when he was assigned to be the Whitelighter of the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches of all. He fell in love with the middle sister, Piper Halliwell, despite love between witches and Whitelighters being totally forbidden. At first they tried to resist their feelings, but eventually, things came to a head when Leo was poisoned by a Darklighter, and Piper cast a spell to swap Leo and Piper's powers so that she could cure him. Piper's inability to use the powers nearly resulted in Leo dying, but when she admitted she loved him, he was cured; love was the trigger to his powers, but she had to learn it on her own. After this, they dated for a time, but broke up when they learned of the sisters' mother's relationship with Sam Wilder, her own Whitelighter; the girl's mother had died when she stopped Sam helping her fight a water demon because she feared for his life, and Leo didn't want the same thing to happen to Piper. Piper then dated her neighbour, Dan, for a time, but things got even more complex when she caught a rare tropical disease from a fruit-fly bite; since Leo couldn't heal her because she didn't get hurt fighting evil, the sisters tried to cast a spell to save her, but it unfortunately transferred the disease to several innocents. Prue and Phoebe were forced to take the spell back to save the innocents, even though Piper would die as a result, but, just as her spirit ascended into a sort of 'waiting area' between the afterlife and the real world, Leo came and healed her, this being the only location where he even had the slightest chance of saving her. As a result, his powers were taken from him, and he was reduced to a mortal man once again.

Eventually, however, Leo was given his powers back to help the sisters fight off a Darklighter, but he and Piper still decided to have a relationship. Despite a few problems, particularly when another Whitelighter was assigned to the sisters to help them stop a warlock that was trying to kill Whitelighters, Piper and Leo eventually managed to convince the Elders that their relationship wouldn't stop them helping innocents, and finally managed to get officially engaged, getting married at the stroke of midnight by the ghost of Grams. Things went fairly well for a time after that, but then an demonic attack left Piper, Prue, and a doctor they were protecting in fatal conditions. Leo arrived, but only had the time to save one of them, and chose to save his wife, Prue dying shortly after. Fortunately, the Power of Three was reconstituted by the arrival of Paige, the girls' half-sister from their mother's relationship with Sam.

Some time after Prue's death, Leo was forced to face ghosts from his past; specifically, Rick and Nathan, now ghosts and blaming Leo for leaving them to die in the tent back at Guadalcanal. At first they thought he was his own grandson, and just tried to punish him for his "grandfather's" sins by stabbing him, but when his injuries healed by themselves, they realised that he was actually a Whitelighter. Leo revealed to Piper and Paige that, ever since he became a Whitelighter, he'd been unable to shake the belief that he didn't deserve his powers for letting his friends die, which was also the reason why he'd discarded his posthumous Medal of Honour and didn't want to go to the 60th reunion for the battle. Rick and Nathan tried to make Leo lose hope by killing another charge of his, a teacher with the potential to become a Whitelighter in the future, by stabbing her and then forcing Leo to watch her die, causing him to somehow subconsciously 'clip his wings' and become mortal again. They then headed over to the manor and stabbed Piper, turning her into a spirit herself, but unfortunately for Rick and Nathan, that gave Piper a certain advantage over them; she couldn't vanquish them fully as a human, but she could as a ghost. She cast the spell to vanquish them, and then, just she was starting to depart, Phoebe and Paige forced Leo to try and heal her, trying to remind him of all the good he'd done as a Whitelighter, and he pulled it off at the last minute. Later on, at the reunion, Leo met all the people he'd saved at the battle, along with all their children and grandchildren - none of whom would have existed without Leo's aid.

A short while after that, Leo and Piper managed to conceive a child, who, when born, turned out to be a surprise to all concerned in that it was a boy, rather then the daughters that had been born into the Warren line for almost three centuries; he was eventually named Wyatt Matthew Halliwell - Wyatt after Leo, and Matthew after Paige. At first everything worked out fine, with Leo getting magical 'maternity leave' from the Elders to spend time with Wyatt, but that all changed when the Elders were attacked and killed by ancient gods called the Titans. With the aid of Chris, a Whitelighter from the future, Leo managed to have the Charmed Ones turned into goddesses to battle the Titans, but unfortunately Leo had to become an Elder to fill the new gap in the power structure. Chris was promoted to the status of the Charmed One's Whitelighter, leaving Leo to work as an Elder.

Comments: Played by Brian Krause.

Thanks to David Spence for this profile.


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