Real Name: Simon William Garth

Identity/Class: Zombie

Occupation: while alive businessman; now pawn of various supernatural forces

Affiliations: Layla

Enemies: Gyps

Known Relatives: Donna Garth (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Louisianna Bayous, near New Orleans

First Appearance: Menace #5 (Atlas Comics)

Powers/Abilities: The Zombie is undead, and thus very difficult to injure. His strength is greater than mortal men, though not quite superhuman. He is virtually mindless, and lacks all but the most basic cognitive processes.

History: Simon Garth was an arrogant businessman until he was murdered by his vengeful former gardener Gyps. Not content with killing him, Gyps had a local witch-woman, Layla, resurrect Garth as a zombie using the amulet of Damballah. Gyps used the amulet to control Garth, and even tried to use him against his daughter Donna, who had rejected Gyps' amorous advances. However this awoke the remnants of the man within the corpse, and Garth strangled him. Unable to die, the Zombie now walks the Earth, falling into the control of whoever wields Damballah's amulet.

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