The Young Detectives

Membership: Eli, Chana, Shosh, Phinchas

Purpose: To solve crimes

Affiliations: Tarzan, The Golem, Lilith

Enemies: The Black Wing

Base of Operations: Israel

First Appearance: Novel by Avner Carmeli (title unknown to me), 1953

History: The Young Detectives were four Israeli youths who solved crimes and faced some incredibly bizarre cases, among them: allying with Tarzan to fight slavers and spies; battling the terrorist known as The Black Wing; opposing an anarchist "ecological" organisation which was plotting to reverse evolution and return all men to the level of apes. This last group was defeated with the aid of the Golem and Lilith.

Comments: Created by Avner Carmeli. The characters initially appeared in twelve books published between 1953 and 1961.

Thanks to Eli Eshed for informing me of these characters and providing information on them.

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