Membership: Backlash, Alea, Brawl, Ferrian, Geist, Styrian, Taboo, Vigor, Zealot

Purpose: To stop the evil plans of the D'rahn

Affiliations: worked for the Department of Paranormal Science Investigations, allied with WildC.A.T.S.

Enemies: D'rahn

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Wildcore (Image Comics)

History: Over three millennia ago the alien Kherubim and the D'rahn fought a war alongside one another against the Daemonites. Believing the tide of the war had turned in their favour, and fearing their allies might one day be a bigger threat than their current foes, the Kherubim initiated a surprise attack, destroying the D'rahn homeworld. In retaliation the D'rahn on Earth launched an assault on the Kherubim colony of Atlantis. Lord S'lyton, ruler of the doomed colony, the witch known as Tapestry, and the wizard Azrum, combined their powers to lure the surviving D'rahn into a trap, then magically trapped them on a scroll. S'lyton and Atlantis died, but the threat of the D'rahn was ended. S'lyton's son Marc survived, and was raised by his former advisor, Ferrian. The half-breed child would inherit the immortality of his Kherubim side of the family, but grew up oblivious to the alien side of his heritage.

In modern times the parchment was discovered and exhibited in a museum in New York. A wizard named Haroth stole it, the theft being witnessed by both Azrum and Jodi Slayton, the grand-daughter of Lord S'lyton. Azrum realised who Jodi was by the family ring she wore, and he explained to her and her father Marc (now the superhuman known as Backlash) the origins of their powers and the significance of the scroll. Backlash informed his employers, the Department of Paranormal Science Investigations, of the threat the D'rahn posed, and they tried to prevent Haroth from releasing the trapped extra-terrestrials. Unfortunately they failed.

Backlash began to gather together a mixed force of Kherubim and empowered humans, forming WildCore, with their mission being to stop the D'rahn before they either destroyed or conquered the Earth. They succeeded in this, and stayed together for a while afterwards, until most of the team were killed when they were sent to stop a breakout of supervillains from the Purgatory Max facility.

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