The Web Riders

Membership: Worpan, Weblash, Interface (a Web-degraded Bob)

Purpose: To survive in the web - they are warrior nomads

Affiliations: Capacitor and the crew of the Saucy Mare, Bob, Ray Tracer

Enemies: former Capacitor and the Saucy Mare crew, Matrix

Base of Operations: Web-wide

First Appearance: ReBoot #33 “The Edge Of Beyond”

History: The Web Riders are Sprites that somehow found themselves in the Web, either through exile or by choice. Surprisingly, they not only survived (though they became web-degraded) but managed to adapt to becoming the dominant predators wherever they went. When Bob was shot into the Web, they took him into the group under the alias Interface. The Saucy Mare, under direction from Matrix, entered the Web looking for Bob and ran afoul of the Riders, who viewed them as hostile intruders attacking their ‘flock’ of Webcreatures. A battle ensured that the Web Riders eventually won, but luckily Bob arrived in time to stop it before they executed the Mare crew.

The Web Riders now allied themselves with the Mare and four of their number joined in a celebratory feast in Bob’s honour. They assisted the Mare in finding Mainframe’s “Web address” and defending it from an attack of Pixels, before a safeguard by Mouse separated them from their new allies. It is unknown what happened after this.

The Web Riders are, for the most part, very strong and durable Sprites despite their degradation. They wield powerful weapons and seemingly organic armour to protect them, and they are skilled riders of Webcreatures. Their knowledge of the Web and fighting skills are second to none- not only have they survived the Web for so long, they were able to soundly defeat the entire Saucy Mare crew in battle despite the Mare’s superior firepower.

Comments: The Web Riders were designed by Brendan McCarthy. There was a ReBoot spinoff show called “Webworld” that was planned for these guys, but it fell through. Several of the Web-mutated Binome designs found their way into the background of The Episode With No Name, however.

The Web Rider’s communicate via high-pitched whistling, which is actually the sound of first-generation modems working.

In the battle with the Mare, one of the Web Rider’s is shot in the head but his death is never mentioned.

The entire above profile was generously supplied by Charles Ellis. Many thanks to him for doing so.

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