William Wallace

Real Name: Sir William Wallace

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Guardian of Scotland (that's not a poetic description, but rather his job title)

Affiliations: Andrew Moray, Sir William Douglas the Hardy, Sir John the Grame, Robert de Brus, William Crawford, Sir Simon Fraser

Enemies: Edward I of England (Edward "Longshanks"), William Heselrig (Sheriff of Lanark), Earl of Surrey, Hugh Cressingham, Brian de Jay, John de Menteith (Fause Mentieth)

Known Relatives: John (brother, deceased), unidentified father (deceased), Ronald Crawford (Sheriff of Ayrshire, uncle), Marion Braidfute (alleged wife, deceased), William Crawford (cousin)


Base of Operations: Scottish Lowlands

First Appearance: c.1270



Comments: While the movie version which helped elevate him to the mythical status required to get on this list was not the most accurate historical account it might have been (lets just say casting a five foot four Australian/American as the lead sums up its devotion to correct historical detail), it is true that the second son of an obscure knight, a mere youth just out of his teens, without the support or patronage of a single noble, managed to attract followers, strike fear into the enemy during face-to-face combat, secure the hatred of Edward Plantagenet I of England, and become the hero of a nation.


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