Real Name: Wampus

First Appearance: Wampus #1 (march 1969) -> Wampus #6 (august 1969) Fantask #3 (june 2001) -> Fantask #5 (january 2002) Mustang #303 (april 2002) ->Mustang #306 (September 2002)

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Servant of the Great Mind, tasked with fighting Jean Sten and destroying humanity

Affiliations: The "Great Mind"

Enemies: Jean Sten, Nexus

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: numerous people he has impersonated

Base of Operations: Active worldwide

History: Wampus is the story of an alien monster with shapeshifting powers who has been sent by an evil cosmic intelligence -- the "Great Mind" -- to destroy Earth. He is discovered and pursued by French secret agent, Jean Sten. In the course of six issues, Wampus causes havoc and destruction in France, Germany, New York, Tokyo, London (which is destroyed by a tactical nuclear device) and Spain.

Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifter

Comments: Wampus was originally published in 1969 by Editions Lug in Lyons (France) in six digest-sized magazines. The series was discontinued after only six issues because of censorship problems. The final episode was eventually serialized in "Ombrax", another of Lug's magazines. The same concept was then reprised as L'Autre [The Other], in "Futura". Art by Luciano Bernasconi, with script by Claude-Jacques Legrand (Wampus #1 to 6), and Jean-Marc Lofficier in Fantask/Mustang

Wampus is currently back in Fantask a new seven-part saga that will wrap up the existing storyline and confront him to numerous other heroes of the SemicVerse, including the Clash, Dragut, Gallix, and Kabur.


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