Waldo the Wonder Boy

Real Name: Stanley Waldo

Identity/Class: Mutant human

Occupation: School boy

Affiliations: Pupil at St.Frank's; ally of Nelson Lee and Nipper

Enemies: Professor Zingrave

Known Relatives: Rupert Waldo (father)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: St.Frank's College

First Appearance: "Waldo the Wonder Boy," Nelson Lee Library (Second Series) #175 (7 September 1929)

Powers/Abilities: Stanley has superhuman strength (one of his schoolmates comments that he has seen Stanley lift a motor car), and is impervious to pain. He is capable of amazing recuperative feats, and able to shrug off and ignore being shot, burned, trampled, and other normally-crippling injuries. Just like his father, though without the criminal tendencies.

History: Stanley Waldo is the son of Rupert Waldo, the "Wonder Man", a sometimes crook. For much of his early life he believed he didn't have a father (possibly because Rupert was trying to protect him from being exposed to his criminal lifestyle), but eventually Rupert tracked his son down during a period in his life when he had forsaken crime and become a "Peril Expert" instead. His father brought him back to England and enrolled him in Nelson Lee's St Frank's College, alongside Nipper, the sometimes partner of the detective Lee. Unfortunately for Stanley, while the students and instructors at St. Frank's are willing to forgive him his father's misdeeds, other enemies of his father are not, and trouble seeks him out despite his best efforts.

After this adventure Stanley stayed at the school, and later on helps Lee against Professor Zingrave.

Comments: Stanley Waldo was created by Edwy Searles Brooks, the creator of detective Norman Conquest. (Thanks to Dave Cromfire for correcting me on this last)

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