Wolf Spider

Real Name: Bill Bailey

Identity/Class: Human technology user / cyborg (?)

Occupation: Police officer

Affiliations: member of Precinct 10 police station

Enemies: Various criminals

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Neopolis

First Appearance: Top Ten (America's Best Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Wears a heavily armed suit of power armour.

History: Bill Bailey is a resident of Neopolis, a city of superheroes created to house paranormals away from regular humans in the wake of the WWII superhuman population explosion. Every being who resides in Neopolis has powers of some sort; in Bill's case, he wears a suit of power armour bristling with weapons. As Wolf Spider, he works as a police officer out of Precinct Ten, or Top Ten as it is known by the local community. Bill lost his legs some time back in a teleporter accident, though it is unclear if this accident was the reason why he started wearing his cybernetic suit. As a result of his personal loss, he takes similar teleporter incidents very much to heart.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Gene Ha.

Thanks to Luis Coelho for providing details about Wolf Spider's accident. In addition to some of the history above, he also notes that "As to why a teleporter accident might cause a person to lose a part of their anatomy in the Top Ten universe, I believe the incident that led to that tidbit of information to me mentioned can be rather enlightening: a married couple crashed into a gigantic being wearing some sort of metal armour - this cause the man in the couple to have the whole lower part of his body fused with the creature's body (making only the rest of his body visible, - that allowed the two individuals to talk among themselves and with officer Peregrine), which caused a slow, yet apparently painless death for both. Once the individual guilty for messing with the teleporting system was caught, the officers of the 10th precinct let officer Bailey (known for having lost his legs in a similar, yet less fatal incident) interrogate him, and he was later reported to have "restrained" the individual - officer Kemlo had no problem clarifying that Bailey did indeed kick the **** out of the guy, which was probably intended right from the start."

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