Real Name: Daniel Brennan

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Vigilante; former soldier

Affiliations: Wraith, Fortunato, Chrysalis, formerly US Army

Enemies: Shadow Fists, Kien Phuc, Immaculate Egrets, the Swarm

Known Relatives: Marie Duc Do (wife, deceased)

Aliases: Cowboy, Ace of Spades Killer

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Wild Cards

Powers/Abilities: Incredibly skilled "zen" archer. He is also a deadly fighter with most other weapons, and indeed in unarmed combat.

History: Yeoman was a Viet Nam veteran. He suspected an ARVN general, Kien Phuc, of being a traitor, and managed to gather evidence that implicated Kien in crimes from heroin smuggling to the States, to selling military secrets to the North Vietnamese. Before he could present this information to the authorities, Kien ambushed Brennan's unit, killing most of his men, and destroying the documents. In spite of this Brennan still managed to get Kien cashiered, although his persistence almost led to his own court martial. Kien retaliated by sending assassins after Brennan. They missed their target, and instead got Brennan's pregnant wife. After the war Brennan followed Kien to New York seeking vengeance, discovering Kien now ran the Shadow Fists, one of the city's biggest gangs. Faced with Aces and Jokers, he adopted the costumed identity of Yeoman, a killer archer. In spite of his lack of powers, he soon became a feared nemesis of the criminal community. Later, in order to infiltrate the enemy organisation, he had an operation to add epicanthic folds to his eyes, allowing him to pass as one of the Asian community..

Comments: Created by John J. Miller.

Thanks to Josh Geren for informing me of some of Yeoman's background.


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