Aaryamaan, Indian space hero

Abbadon, enemy of the Watch

Abbey Chase, member of Danger Girl

ABC Warriors, robot warriors from 2000 A.D.

Abelard Snazz, The Man with the Double Decker Brain

Aberdeen Angus, Marvel Warpie

Abe Sapien, aquatic ally of Hellboy

Abhay, Indian superhero

Abraham, Italian interpretation of the vampire hunter van Helsing

Abraxas, Canadian hero

Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer from Doctor Who

Absolute, Big Bang hero

AC-DC, Warpie from Captain Britain, member of the Cherubim

The Ace, Canadian hero

Ace Hart, 1940's British superhero

Ace Lightning, CGI Hero

Ace McCloud, Centurions

Ace of Diamonds, Lone Star heroine

Ace of Space, Quality comics hero

Ace of Wands, 1960's British television magician and crime buster

Ace Rimmer, from Red Dwarf: What a guy!

"Ace" Watson, Alpha Corps

Acromaid, British heroine

Ackroyd, Jay, Private Detective Ace known as Popinjay

Actionfolksinger, folk singing hero

Actionfolkwife, ally of Actionfolksinger

Action Force, British version of G.I. Joe published in Battle comic

Adam, Tomorrow People, leader of the 1990's version

Adam, Mutant X

Adam Adamant, 19th century adventurer unleashed in the 1960's; TV hero

Adamant, member of the Faze 1 Fazers

Adam Crown, member of the Knights of Pendragon; possessed by the Pendragon spirit which once empowered King Arthur

Adam Destine, immortal father of the Clan Destine

Adam Eterno, immortal wanderer through time who cannot die, save from a weapon made from gold

Adapt, member of the Watch capable of transforming into inorganic substances

Adept, Strikeforce: Morituri

Adhemar, Belgian hero

Adiri Atchelet, Israeli superheroes

Admiral Jumbo, young lad with an army of robotic toy soldiers - also known as General Jumbo

Admiral Nemesis, hi-tech pirate and foe of Aquavenger

Adventure Girl, New Zealand heroine

Aerial Assassin, Web-Master


Aerobica, Catfish Comics

Aesculpian, member of the Potentate

Afro Man, Discotronic Funk Commando


Agent Gabriel, agent of RCX

Agent Michael, agent of RCX

Agent Midnight, Canadian hero, leader of the Canadian Liberty League

Agent Rat, from 2000 A.D.

Agent 13, pulp style hero of a game from TSR and a series of books

Agent 327, Dutch spy

Agni, Indonesian hero

Agniputra, Indian superhero

Agro, Genie, friend of Barry Moon

Aguila Negra, Mexican cowboy

Aguila Roja, Mexican hero

Aguila Solitaria, winged Native American

Aguiluz, Mulawin

Air Ace, first publicly recognised superhero of the Astro City universe

Airboy, Golden age hero from Hillman comics

Airboy, the son of the original Airboy, revived by Eclipse in the 1980's - youthful aviator with unusual plane

Airmale, Golden age hero

Air Man, Golden age hero with winged costume

Airman, Revived version of above as one of the Protectors

Ajax, Golden Age hero

Ajys, Freedom Collective

A.J. Raffles, The Amateur Cracksman, one of the first "gentleman burglars" in English literature

Akane, love interest for Ranma Saotome

A-Ko, Japanese schoolgirl with superhuman strength

Alamid, Filipino hero

Alan Black, Esper assassin

Albert Destine, one of the more elderly members of the Clan Destine

Albion, W.W.I hero empowered by the Pendragon spirit, now back as one of the Knights of Pendragon

Albrecht Strong, son of Tom Strong, raised a Nazi

Al Change, humorous character from the Topper, master of disguise

Alea, member of Wildcore, from the Wildstorm universe

El Alemain, Golden Age character

Alex Mack, young girl given superpowers by exposure to chemicals, played by Larissa Oleynik

Ali and his Baba, a baby protected by a genie, humorous character from the Sparky comic

Alias X, Golden age hero

Aliff, leader of the Seraphim

Alison Double, friend of Betsy Braddock, telepath and former member of the STRIKE Psi Division

All-American, Astro City hero with a baseball motif

Allan a Dale, a wandering minstrel, traditional member of Robin Hood's Merry Men

Allan Quatermain, great white hunter created by H. Rider Haggard

Alligator, one of the Astro City Irregulars

All Winners Squad, post-WWII hero team

Ally, superhero who gained powers through a medical accident

Alma Grande, Mexican hero

Alpha Flight, Canadian superhero team, created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne for Marvel Comics

Alpha Korps, government superhero team

Alpha Major, Canadian hero

Altar Boy, the sidekick of the Confessor

Altaru, Filipino hero

Alter Ego

Altertron, member of Codename: Strikeforce

A.L.2000, Australian robot hero

Alucard, Japanese vampire hero

Alwina, Mulawin heroine

Alyssa, Filipino heroine

Amadeus Wolf, name given to Cursitor Doom when he was reprinted by Quality Comics in the 1980's

@man, Canadian spoof hero, from the Angloman universe

Amanda, Immortal thief

Amanhecer, Brazilian hero

Amazing Girl, member of Project Youngblood, DNAgents Universe

Amazing-Man, Golden age hero

Amazing Man, revived version of the above as one of the Protectors

The Amazing Three, British superhero team consisting of Tanya, Oakman and the Blue Wizard

Amazing Three, Japanese team of alien explorers disguised as everyday animals

Amazon, leader of Force 7


Amber, member of the DNAgents

Ambrose, youthful looking magician from the Elementals universe

Ambrosius, Dutch paranormal investigator

America Man, member of the A-Men who fought the Southern Squadron in Australia

The American, early Dark Horse hero, a different take on the super-patriot hero type

American Ace, Golden Age character

American Athlete, insane hero seeking legal aid

American Avenger, Timely Comics hero

American Crusader, Golden age hero

American Dragon, cartoon hero

American Eagle, Golden age hero

American Flagg, Howard Chaykin's future cop

American Knight, patriotic hero

American Maid, patriotic heroine from the Tick Universe

The Americano, member of the A-Men, hispanic superhero

American Shield, The second Impact Shield

American Woman, patriotic heroine from Antarctic Press

Ami, Tomorrow People, member of the 1990's version

Amigoman, Latin American Avenger

Amok, Italian avenger

Amokk, Hyperkind

Anansi, Astro City hero

Anansi, Elementals

Anathema, enemy of the O-Men

Anderson, Psi Judge from Mega City One, sometimes partner of Judge Dredd

Andor, foe of the THUNDER Agents

AndrAla, Games sprite, lover of Matrix, from Mainframe in the world of the Reboot cartoon

Andras, demon from the Howling

Andrée, Naline, Canadian feline heroine

Andrew, Tomorrow People, Scottish youth who joined the original version towards the end of their run

Andrews, Simon, member of the Night Krew

The Android Emperor, robot controlling enemy of the British version of the Spider

Angel, not the vampire, but Harry Angel, the man with the inbuilt computer, from 2000 A.D.

Angel, this time it's the vampire with a soul

Angel, Golden Age Timely hero

Angela, Gargoyles

Angel Ace, Filipino heroine

Angel Summoner, partner of BMX Bandit

Angilas, giant Japanese monster, foe of Godzilla

Anglo Ace, promotional hero from British comics, selling Bubble Gum

Angloman, Canadian spoof superhero

Anibal 5, Mexican cyborg

Aníbal Gris, Spanish hero

Animal Lad, British humorous strip character able to transform into a variety of creatures

The Animal Man, Johnny Future foe

Animal Man, DC hero able to assume the powers of any animal

Anino, Filipino hero

Annihilator, member of the villainous Destroyers team in the Elementals universe

Ant, insectoid heroine

Anteas Junior, Golden age hero

Anthony, Indian revenant

Anti-Matter Woman, ally of Megaton Man

Antonio, Gabriel, member of Diliman

la Antorcha, Spanish vigilante

Apache, member of the Chosen

Apache Kid, Wild West hero

Ape-X, enhanced primate from the DNAgents universe

Apisonador, Spanish Hulk

Apollo, Superman analogue, member of the Authority in the Wildstorm universe

Apostate, villainous son of the Golden Guardsman

Apsilon Stelth, member of Dare's Eagles

Apus, member of the Southern Tribe

Aqua, Mexican hero team

Aqua-Marie, of the Blood Syndicate

Aquanus, Indonesian hero

Aquarius, member of Zodiac Force

Aquavenger, aquatic hero, briefly introduced in Pow Annual 1971, and then never seen again

Aquaviva, Spanish heroine

Araknis, spider-powered hero

Aramis, magician and member of the Southern Knights

la Araña Negra, enemy of Kaliman

Araña Verde, Mexican hero

Arandu, Mexican hero

Arc, teenage member of Malibu Comics Protectors, able to generate electrical blasts

Arcane, aka Lady Arcane. Magician and ally of Hero Comics Champions

Arcane, Filipino heroine

Arcanum, Brazilian hero

Archer, partner of the immortal Armstrong, located in the Valiant Universe

l'Archer Mysterieux, French hero from Semic comics, member of the hero team Hexagon

Archie, eccentric scientist who helps the French supergroup Kidz

Archie the Gruesome, Golden Age character

Ardeni, sister of Arlen, gifted with incredible psychic powers by the warlike Jugla. From the Mind Wars strip in the Starlord comic

Arendsoog, Dutch created cowboy

Argent, member of Clan Destine, able to generate metal armour and weapons from her body

Argent, Silverback, the Wolf, foe of both the Hunter Rose Grendel and the Christine Spar Grendel

Argent, member of the Hero Alliance

Argo, aquatic hero from 1940's British comics

Argoman, Italian movie superhero

Aries, Filipino hero, member of Zodiac Force

Arizona Kid, Golden Age Western hero

Arkadian, hit man of the bizarre

Arkwright, Luther, multiversal secret agent

Arlen, brother of Ardeni, gifted with incredible psychic powers by the warlike Jugla. From the Mind Wars strip in the Starlord comic

Armada Man, robotic member of the Canadian Liberty League

Armadong Armas, Filipino hero

Armata, Hyperkind

Armitage, Brit Cit Judge detective, a contemporary of Judge Dredd

Armon, living mummy

Armor, brother of SilverStreak

Armorines, armoured Valiant comics heroes

Armorines, Acclaim versions of the above

Armstrong, immortal partner of Archer, located in the Valiant Universe

Arnold Q. Stanley, founder of Soulsearchers and Company, now stuck in the form of a prairie dog thanks to a curse

Arrow, Golden age hero

Arrow, the above revived by Malibu comics as one of the Protectors

Arrowhead, Golden age Western hero

Arrow Kid, sidekick to Quiverwing Quack

El Arsenal, Mexican merc

Arthur, partner of the Tick, wears a Moth suit which allows him to fly

Arthur Dent, last survivor of Earth in the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Arthur le Fantôme Justicier, French ghost

Asa, Israeli hero

Asagi Kusanagi, Gamera ally

Asano Rin, Blade of the Immortal

Ascuncion, Dyan, Filipino character

Ash, Enemy of the Armies of Darkness and the Evil Dead

Ashley, Simon, Esper pyrokinetic

Ashlocke, Gabriel, enemy of Mutant X

Ashur, Elementals character

Askal, Filipino character

The Asp, ally of Megaton Man

Asrial, alien princess from Ninja High School

The Assassin, killer Geisha

Assante, Orion, Grendel host who became ruler of much of the Earth in an apocalyptic future

The Assemblyman, Astro City villain

Asso di Picche, Italian hero

Astarte, Elementals character

Aster, alien sent to Earth to procure a mate

Asterisco, Argentinian dimensional traveller

Asterix, Gaul who opposes the Romans using his wits and superhuman strength granted to him by a druid's potion

Astig, member of Batch 72

Astra, youngest member of Astro City's First Family

Astrea, member of the Space Sentinels


Astro Boy, Japanese hero, a flying robot that looks like a young boy

Astro Girl, Japanese heroine, a flying robot that looks like a young girl

Astronauticus, Australian hero

Astronomer, psychotic Ace in a world full of Wild Cards

Astron Star Soldier, alien / human gestalt

Astro, Satin

Atalanta, Pinoy heroine

Atlanta, The Girl from Tomorrow, from the Sally comic

Atlas, Golden age hero

Atlas, member of Rob Liefield's Brigade, in the Youngblood Universe

Atlas, Lone Star hero

Atlas, Italian hero

Atléas, ally of Fish Lecan

Atom, youthful British hero who lives far in the future, brother of Elektra

Atoman, Golden age hero

Atoman, Italian hero

Atom Ant, tiny insect superhero

Atomic Betty, youthful space heroine

Atom Man, Australian hero

Atomas, French superhero

Atom Blake, Golden age hero

Atome Kid, French hero

Atomic Man, Golden age hero

Atomic Rabbit, leporid superbeing

Atomic Robo, Tesla's robot

Atomics, heroes of Snap City

The Atomic Sub, Big Bang hero

Atomic Thunderbolt, Golden age hero

Atomic Tommy, British hero of the 1940's, given superstrength by an "atomic jacket"

Atomik, Italian hero

Atomika, God of Technology

Atorox, Finnish robot

Atsum, Israeli hero

Attila, Canine Swiss secret agent

Attila the Bun, Barbarian baker

Augustus Soloman, future son of King Soloman

Aunt Acid, villain from the Astro City universe

Aura, member of Malibu Comics' Protectors

Aurik, leader of the TeenAgents

Auro, Lord of Jupiter

Aurora, speedster member of Canadian team Alpha Flight, sister of Northstar

Austin, Steve, Television's Six Million Dollar Man, played by Lee Majors

Australian Maid, superstrong Australian heroine

The Authority, exceptionally powerful hero team formed by Jenny Sparks. Located in the Wildstorm Universe

Autobots, heroic Transformers

Automan, US Television character, computer generated hero

L'Autre, The Other, shapeshifting alien villain from the French Semic Universe

Avalon, member of Eclipse Comic's New Wave superteam

Avatar, long lived and superstrong member of the Futurians

Avengelyne, fallen angel

The Avenger, bike-riding vigilante hero from the 1980's Eagle Comic

The Avenger, leader of Justice, Inc, one of the seminal pulp heroes

Avenger, avian sidekick of Birdman

Avenger, anti-Communist hero

Avrian, Finnish troll

A.W.O.L., invisible genius, Hero High

Axe, hired killer working for Doctor Fear

Axel Pressbutton, psychotic cyborg, partner of Mysta Mystralis, assassin


Aym Geronimo

Az, Comico hero

Azeem, Moorish Merry Man

Azor, Mexican hero

Aztec Ace, time travelling hero from Eclipse Comics

Aztec of the City, Aztec superhero

Azure, female GI from 2000 A.D.'s Rogue Trooper