Jay Ackroyd, Popinjay

Real Name: Jay Ackroyd

Identity/Class: Human mutant (Ace)

Occupation: Detective

Affiliations: Doctor Tachyon, Mr Nobody
formerly Blaise

Enemies: Blaise, Ti Malice

Known Relatives: Hastet (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Wild Cards

Powers/Abilities: Jay can teleport people and things anywhere he can clearly visualise. Generally this means places like the local baseball stadium or police holding tank, both of which he has memorised, but in one instance he teleported someone to a place he had seen only in his nightmares, effectively killing them. He cannot use this power on himself, and he has to be able to point his index fingers at his target (holding his hand like a pistol). Blaise chopped off his fingers when they were on Takis, rendering him unable to use his power, but later alien technology was used to regrow his fingers.

History: Jay Ackroyd is a private investigator and an Ace. Known (much to his annoyance) as Popinjay amongst his fellow Wild Carders, his power combined with his quick wits makes him a deceptively dangerous opponent - it was he who finally ended the menace of Ti Malice for example.

Comments: Created by George R.R.Martin.


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