Real Name: Unknown

First Appearance: Futura #11 (1973)





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: L'Autre [The Other] is the story of an extra-dimensional alien with shapeshifting powers who has been sent by an evil intelligence -- the "Great Soul" -- to sow "ruin, fear and chaos" on Earth. He is discovered and pursued by French journalist, Jean Vlad. The Other claims to be Vlad's extra-dimensional counterpart -- indeed, in ep. 4, Vlad is sent to the Other's native dimension and undergoes a complete role reversal and becomes the monster. The Other can return home only after accomplishing his nefarious mission, and defeating Vlad in single, hand-to-hand combat.

Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifter

Comments: L’Autre is virtually a remake of Wampus which had been cancelled after only six issues because of censorship problems. As a result, it is a tamer and far less nihilistic series. The two aliens, however, share the same unique eye design. L'Autre was published in "Futura" Nos. 11-18 (1973-74).


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