Real Name: Enrique Acosta

Identity/Class: Normal Human, formerly technology user.

Occupation: Folk Singer

Affiliations: The Wild Ones (former member), American Knight (former partner)

Enemies: The Dandy, Dr.Event Horizon Man, Strong Arm, Rhett Khan

Known Relatives: Helen Acosta (wife, a.k.a. Actionfolkwife), Sgt. Fricker Jr. (father-in-law), Lucille Fricker (mother-in-law), Carrie (sister-in-law), Matie (sister-in-law, a.k.a. Captain Bubble)

Aliases: Chuck the Danger Boy

Base of Operations: Mobile though usually in the Southern California Area around Kern County.

First Appearance: Actionfolksinger #1

Powers/Abilities: Enrique used to be a near Olympic level athlete and competent martial artist. Years of neglect have made him fat and lazy with bad knees and poor endurance. Now when faced with a super villain he has to relay on his quick wit and keen intellect which serve him well since most super villains are dumber than dirt. As Chuck he had the typical accessories one expects from non-powered heroes: walkie talkie, body armour, a vest that fired a sticky line he used to swing and climb, throwing irons etc. He also had a belt that projected a force field around him allowing him to go toe to toe with super-powered opponents. The power source for the belt has long since run down.

ChuckHistory: As a 14 year old boy Enrique was one of the few fans of an obscure Los Angeles hero named the American Knight. He attended one of the Knight's public appearances (the launch of a new car in his toy line) when the Irregulars (a paramilitary group of conspiracy theorists) attacked. They launched stun grenades and tear gas into the crowd and in their first volley incapacitated the Knight. Enrique rushed to his hero's aid, and using the Knight's equipment managed to hold the attackers at bay until American Knight regained consciousness and was able to defeat the villains. American Knights PR man was mobbed by the press who wanted to know who the teen was. Without fully thinking it through he said that it was American Knight's teen sidekick, and unable to think of a name he noticed a small grocery store nearby and a sale on chuck style beef. And so Chuck the Danger Boy was born.

American Knight was reluctant to take on a sidekick but Enrique's friendly and gregarious nature won him over. In the following years he became a minor media celebrity, and formed a teen super hero team the Wild Ones. He also noticed the American Knight's growing dissatisfaction with being a super hero and tried his best to cheer up his gloomy partner.

One day they where attacked by a giant robot. It's origin and maker remain a mystery. What is known is that it nearly killed Enrique and that American Knight and the robot disappeared in a fiery explosion. No body was ever found.

Enrique tried to carry on but discovered he was no good at being a solo hero. Disillusioned he gave up the super hero biz and got on with his life, eventually becoming a traveling folk singer. Recently someone has given away his former secret identity over the Internet, which has complicated his life immensely.

Comments: Created by Enrique Acosta, who also supplied the above profile.

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