Aguila Solitaria (Lonely Eagle)

Real Name: Lonely Eagle

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Warrior

Affiliations: Apaches, Seris, Navajos, Cherokees, Shius (Sioux); Buffalo Bill, Toky the eagle (sidekick)

Enemies: Morgan, Buffalo Bill, Arizona Kid; Kurdo, Rey de los Halcones (King of the Falcons); Rosco, el Gitano; la Sombra (the Shadow, Látigo), centaurs, werewolves, witches, sorcerors, spirits

Known Relatives: Shiu (wife), Kei (son), Nube Blanca (White Cloud, father, deceased)

Aliases: El vengador de los pieles rojas (the avenger of the red skins), El hijo de las aguilas (the son of the eagles), Alma grande (great soul)

Base of Operations: El Valle del Sol (the valley of the Sun, a valley hidden behind a waterfall where his wife and son can hide)

First Appearance: Aguila Solitaria #1 (la Editorial RaCaNa, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled archer and warrior, flies using artificial wings. Knows "the secrets of the eagles."

History: Aguila Solitaria was a Native American child whose unidentified tribe was massacred on the orders of the gunfighter Morgan, who was hunting for a treasure and personally killed Aguila´s father when he refused to speak about the treasure. The sole survivor, Aguila Solitaria hid in the mountains, where, hungry and weak, he was captured by “Thegame,” an eagle. Thegame adopted him and taught him the arts and ways of the eagles, until eventually, using the feathers of dead eagles, Aguila Solitaria created wings and learned to fly. Once he grew up, he left the mountains to avenge and protect his people from the white man, and other magical and mystic enemies. He pursued Morgan, and after several near misses, avenged his father, slaying the cowardly gunman with an arrow in his back as he tried to flee. He befriended Buffalo Bill, but as duty forced Bill to pursue Aguila Solitaria, he also proved to the be the winged fighter's greatest enemy.

Another opponent was the bounty hunter, the Arizona Kid, a cruel Apache hater, who Aguila exposed as an Apache renegade, before handing him over to same for judgement. He was blamed for the crimes of another winged Native American, Kurdo, who had been raised by falcons, and who exploited their similar appearances to frame Aguila for some of his crimes; Kurdo also nearly killed Buffalo Bill, who survived thanks to Aguila's aid. Eventually Aguila slew Kurdo, and cut out his heart. Rosco was a gypsy who used black magic against Aguila, but whose daughter Lorena fell in love with Aguila and ran away with him. Látigo was Morgan's daughter, who adopted the identity of la Sombra (the Shadow) to seek revenge for her father's demise, only to fall in love with Aguila and abandon her pursuit of vengeance; years later she returned to kidnap Aguila's son Kei. Eventually Aguila Solitaria joined a Native American confederation alongside Apaches, Seris, Navajos, Cherokees, Shius, to battle the white man, though he was aware any victory they won was likely to only be temporary.

Comments: Created by Víctor Fox (the pen name of Héctor Gonzáles Dueñas), the same man who also wrote Kalimán. Originally published by Editorial RaCaNa, the “alter ego” of “Promotora Kaliman,” so it shared the same (ghost) writers and artists as Kalimán, Orion, Arandu and other characters. While it was written bye several people, only Victor Fox was credited.

Thanks to Javier Delgado for most of the above information and additional images. He notes that "While Aguila Solitaria started as an “Anti- western” (75% of Mexican population is of native american origin), the adventures became more fantastic, resembling the adventures of his editorial brothers, like Arandu, Kaliman, and Orion. It ran for 759 numbers. Like most Mexican comics of the time, Aguila Solitaria was printed in Sepia in the interiors. Also was published in Colombia by “Editora cinco.”" Javier has a forum dedicated to Kaliman, Aguila and other Mexican characters.

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