Real Name: Alwina

Identity/Class: Magical being (Mulawin)

Occupation: Protector

Affiliations: Aguiluz (her love interest), other Mulawins (Aguiluz, Aviona, Bagwis, Habagat, Dakila)

Enemies: Ravenas (Rasmus, Vultura, Kuwak, Tuka); Habagat (Mulawin traitor)

Known Relatives: Veronika (her mother), Lourdes (her stepmother who took care of her)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Philippines

First Appearance: Mulawin (GMA 7, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly, other powers unknown.

History: The Mulawin are a race of magical beings, part man and part bird, who serve to defend humanity from the Ravenas, a subversive sub-set of their own species. Years ago Bagwis, one of the senior Mulawin, fathered a child with his human lover, Veronica; he hid his daughter Alwina to grow up among the humans because the Ravenas wanted to kill her, secretly defended by Aguiluz, a young but capable Mulawin. Now that Alwina is fully grown, Aguiluz has fallen in love with her, and Alwina, as the one destined to save humanity together with Aguiluz, constantly battle the Ravenas, as they seek to destroy both Alwina and the entire human race.

Comments: Played by Angel Locsin. Mulawin ended March 2005 but it marked a milestone in the history of Philippine television. This soap opera boosted Angel Locsin's career. She is currently the lead star in Mars Ravelo's Darna, also a pinoy legend in its tv series version.

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