Real Name: Angilas





Known Relatives:

Aliases: Angurus (American name)

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Godzilla Raids Again (1955)

Powers/Abilities: He has a sonic roar, and anyone who tries to hurt him from above gets the full blast of his spikey shell. He is equipped with a crest of powerful horns, a backplate of sharp spines, and a spiked tail. Each part of his body is controlled by a different secondary brain located in that section, allowing him to move with incredible speed and co-ordination.

History: Hailing from Siberia, Angilas was first seen in battle with Gojira on a remote island in the northern sea of Japan. He was eventually killed by Gojira during a fight in Osaka.

However a second Angilas turned up. More details to follow.

Comments: The second Angilas was Godzilla's best friend.

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