Real Name: Obadiah Archer





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Archer and Armstrong #0 (July 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Archer is a consummate martial artist and a Harbinger, gifted with uncanny powers of perception.

History: Obadiah Archer was still a child when he discovered that his evangelist parents were deviant killers. Attempting to cover their tracks, they tried to kill their son in a fire. Left clinically dead, Archer miraculously revived, desiring revenge for what had been done to him. Seemingly haven gained some degree of paranormal power from his experience, he travelled to Ladakh, where he trained using his psionic powers of perception and co-ordination to become the ultimate martial artist.

Eventually Archer returned to the U.S., where he encountered a drifter called Armstrong. Armstrong turned out to be an immortal with superhuman strength, and in spite of being chalk and cheese, the two men became fast friends. However the also fell foul of a cult known as the Sect, who feel that Armstrong is the Devil and must be destroyed.

As they continued to travel the globe, they encountered a number of the other superhumans who inhabit their world, including Ivar, Armstrong's brother, Solar, and Armstrong sorceror wife Andromeda. Returning to America, and specifically to L.A., the pair confronted the leader of the Sect Mahmud. Having defeated him, they settled in Los Angeles for the time being.



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