Real Name: Avrian

Identity/Class: Supernatural creature ("peikko", usually translated as troll)

Occupation: Occasional mercenary

Affiliations: Other Finnish trolls; witch lover Kristiina

Enemies: No personal enemies

Known Relatives: Kiriel (sister)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Recently returned to Finland

First Appearance: Petri Hiltunen: Ontot Kukkulat (Hollow Hills; graphic novel in 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Avrian, like all of his kind, can live for couple of thousand years, slowly regenerate damage that is not immediately fatal (he spent a year in Burma regenerating his legs), is strong enough to lob off a man's head with a single swing and can cast an illusion that make him look human. Avrian is also a very good shot with his revolver and armed with kukri - although he is getting tired of fighting and killing.

History: Avrian is a thousand-year old troll and one of the few that have a human lover. He left Finland during the Continuation War (1943) and travelled the world. Over the years he spent mostly in third world countries he got tired of conflict and returned to Finland (and Kristiina) in 1995. His idea was to take over old underground troll "castle" which had been taken over by a monster 2000 years ago and thus gain enough prestige that he could lead the trolls to public light and possibly to publicly coexist with human beings. In the end he did not have to fight for the castle.

Comments: Avrian is a creation of Finnish comic artist Petri Hiltunen. So far he has appeared in one graphic novel and one short story (thanks to Joni Ahonen for alerting me to this second appearance).

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen.


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