Real Name: Avengelyne

Identity/Class: Fallen angel

Occupation: Demonslayer

Affiliations: Father Peter Clifton, Jacob Malory (non-combatant allies), Devlin Trask, Passover (the angel of Death), Divinity, Prophet, Exodus, Cybrid, Warrior Nun Areala, Glory, Darkchylde (allies); former member of the Warhost of Heaven

Enemies: Dragon (a.k.a. Satan / Lucifer), B'Liale, H'Lana (deceased), Pride, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Lust (demons, collectively known as the Seven Deadly Sins), Kyle Wagner (deceased), Magog, Crymelord (deceased), Taliesen, Bloodwulf, Micah

Known Relatives: Divinity (sister - kind of, messenger angel), Micah (brother, kind of, fallen angel), Kyle Wagner (demon, strictly speaking not a relation, but the father of her child), Magog (son)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: (formerly) St. Augustine's Church, Manhattan, New York, U.S.A. (now) another Church, unspecified spot out in the countryside

First Appearance: Avengelyne Vol.1 #1 (Image Comics, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Avengelyne is stronger than normal humans. Her body is made of the White Fire, the energy source used by God to create the angels. She has a sword she can summon to appear in her hands at will, although it doesn't seem to have any other powers.

History: Avengelyne had been one of the most feared warriors in Heaven, a member of the warhost, renowned for having single handedly broken into Pandemonium, Hell's outer fortress, to confront the Dragon, the Devil himself. But Avengelyne's place in Heaven was taken from her when another member of the warhost, Micah, tricked her into questioning God about his love for mankind. God knew there was a tremendous battle coming that Micah was engineering, Armageddon itself, and that Avengelyne needed to be strengthened for that coming war, so he pretended to be angered by her impudence and banished her to Earth to live as a human, stripped of all her angelic powers except her great strength.

Arriving on Earth in Manhattan, Avengelyne sought refuge in a Catholic Church called Saint Augustine, where she was found by the priest, Father Peter Clifton. He remains one of her closest friends and allies, and when a sorcerer caused her to become possessed, it was Father Clifton who managed to free her. Avengelyne soon realised she was not the only fallen angel living on Earth, and that most had succumbed to the promises of power the Dragon offered them. Still having faith in her Lord, she resisted the Dragon's offers of temptation, and decided to carry on the fight against them, becoming a demon slayer.

Her continuing devotion to God eventually saved her life. One of her enemies, the demon lord B'Liale, sent a minion (Kyle Wagner) in the form of a man to seduce Avengelyne, with the goal of fathering a powerful demon child (Magog). To thwart this and punish her for involvement with Kyle, God sent the angel of death, Passover, to kill her. But the child was already born, and Passover had to help Avengelyne drive him away. God recognised her devotion to him, and so changed Passover's orders, letting her live. Avengelyne continues to slay demons.

At some point in the future, Armageddon will occur. It has been seen that Avengelyne will lead the Heavenly host, with Passover her second in command.

Comments: Created by Rob Liefield and Cathy Christian. The latter is a model on whom the character's likeness is based. Avengelyne © & TM 1995 Rob Liefeld, Inc. & Little Wolf Productions


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