Amazing Girl

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First Appearance: DNAgents





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: Amazing Girl was a member of Project Youngblood, a team of superpowered youths who fought crime. They were recruited to capture the DNAgents, but soon discovered that the people they were after were not criminals. Banding together, they confronted the people trying to manipulate them. Amazing Girl died along with the rest of her team trying to shut down a malfunctioning nuclear reactor soon after.

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Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, able to fly.

Comments: Amazing Girl was based on Wonder Girl (later Troia) of DC's New Teen Titans; the rest of Project Youngblood were likewise versions of the rest of the Titans. In a nice piece of writer co-operation the issue of DNAgents where Project Youngblood appeared was paralled the same month in the New Teen Titans were renamed versions of the DNAgents appeared (as the ReCombatants). In each case, the guest starring teams gave their lives to prevent a meltdown.


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