The Authority

Membership: Apollo, Jack Hawksmoor, Midnighter, Swift, the Doctor, the Engineer, Jenny Quantum;
formerly Jenny Sparks, the Doctor, Rose Tattoo

Purpose: To defend the Earth from threats, both external and internal

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Sliding Albion, Kaizen Gamorra

Base of Operations: The Carrier

First Appearance: The Authority #1 (Wildstorm)

History: The Authority was a team put together by Jenny Sparks after the demise of Stormwatch. Containing individuals of exceptional power, beyond even that possessed by most other superteams, the Authority is designed to handle global threats of any nature. It answers to nobody, and is beholden to none. Rather the team's view is that if ANYONE steps out of line and threatens the safety of the Earth or its people, then they will answer to the Authority.

The Authority recently conquered America.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis.

Thanks to Charles Ellis for additional information.


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