The Astronomer

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Ace

Occupation: Cult leader

Affiliations: The Masons; Imp, Insulin, (former) Demise

Enemies: Dr.Tachyon, Demise, The Turtle, Kid Dinosaur, Modular Man, Howler, Jumpin' Jack Flash

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Pennies from Hell (Wild Cards II: Aces High, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: The Astronomer had a range of powers, although he could only use one at a time - all his abilities were charged through humand sacrifice. He could rip people limb from limb, somehow weakening the connection between body parts; he could fly; he was telepathic; and he could block other Ace's powers.

History: The Astronomer was a powerful Ace who gained power through human sacrifice and mutilation. He led a cult called the Masons, who were aware of the imminent arrival of the alien Swarm known as Tiamat; the Masons possessed a device which would summon the traders, aliens who would repel the Swarm for a price, and the Masons planned to conquer the Earth in the aftermath of the Swarm's thwarted invasion. Eventually a group of heroic Aces stormed his headquarters, robbing him of his followers, although the Astronomer himself escaped. He returned on the anniversary of Wild Cards Day, aiming to murder as many of the Aces who had thwarted him as possible, before escaping in Dr Tachyon's stolen spaceship. Pursued by Fortunato, with whom he fought a spectacular aerial battle, the Astronomer was drained of much of his power. Falling to Earth, he used his power to walk through walls to try and escape. But on the other side of the wall was his former ally, now enemy, Demise; in order to stop Demise using his deadly death stare on him the Astronomer blocked his power. However the Astronomer could only use one power at a time, and so turned solid while still halfway through the wall, killing him. Fuller profile to follow.

Comments: Created by Lewis Shiner.


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