Alucard Nosferatu

Real Name: Vlad III Dracula

Identity/Class: Vampire

Occupation: vampire hunter

Affiliations: Hellsing Knights; Lady Hellsing (master), Victoria Seras (pupil), Walter C. Dornez (team mate).

Enemies: Millennium Organization (Manga/OVA), Incognito (TV Series), Alexander Anderson (both)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London

First Appearance: Hellsing (manga, distributed by Young King OURS)

Powers/Abilities: After a century working for Hellsing Knights, Alucard became one of the most powerful beings in this planet: he can heal absolutely any wounds, even after being literally shot to pieces. He doesn't care about crosses, Holy Water, nor decapitation - he does worry slightly about silver bullets, as they take some time to regenerate from. He's got psychic skills, like the famous third eye, as well as hypnosis. He can walk under the sun, but he hates it. He can fly, disappear at will, change into mist, bats, worms, shadows, blood stains, monstrous dogs, or horrible unknown beasts with hundreds eyes and tentacles. He can change others into vampires (as he did with Victoria), and possesses superhuman strength and senses. In fact, he's so powerful that his master limits his powers using the "Cromwell Initiative," which consists of several levels of "release states," lower numbers being more powerful. At Level Zero, he takes the appearance of Vlad Tepes, as he was hundreds of years ago, with armour and a beard, and can summon an army of all the people he has ever drunk the blood of, including Turkish janissaries, medieval knights, and many soldiers. He's got two " friends ", Casull and Jackal, enormous guns that shoot silver bullets.

Casull was Alucard's first gun. The barrel is 390mm long, for a 1km range. It has a 6 bullets magazine. The bullets were basically 454 Casull (which are twice more powerful than 44 Magnum), but they got customized: each bullet is a 13mm explosive steel rounds, alloyed with silver melted from a Lanchester Cathedral Cross.

After being beaten in battle by Father Anderson, Alucard decided his enemies' firepower exceeded his own, and accordingly had Walter, his teammate, design a new weapon, the Hakonen Cannon, which he dubbed Jackal. This black monster has a 390mm long barrel, and weighed 16kg. It's too powerful for a human to handle, but Alucard uses it with one hand. The magazine has not been changed, but the 6 bullets are now quicksilver-filled, with a whole new explosive technology. It's almost has powerful has a rocket launcher (maybe more) and a very few creatures in the world can withstand it's shots.

History: When he was defeated by Abraham Hellsing in the 19th century, Alucard became the Hellsing family's bodyguard, and the first hunter for the Hellsing Knights. During that period, he learned to increase his power to reach invincibility. In 1945, the Royal Army sent him to Germany with a young human soldier, Walter C. Dornez. Their mission: destroy the Millennium's vampire army. They accomplished it, but Millennium survived and re-established operations in South America.

At the end of the war, Alucard decided to take advantage of the political chaos to break his contract with Hellsing and leave England. He failed, and got killed by Lord Hellsing, the only one who could do it. But one day, Lord Hellsing died, letting his teenage daughter take control of the organization. The young lady had many enemies, and one of them was her uncle. He tried to murder her, and she had no other choice than hide in the underground of the castle. That's where she discovered the dead body of Alucard. Her uncle shot her in the shoulder, and some blood flew into Alucard's mouth, bringing him back to " life ". To thank her, he gave his protection.

Now, twenty years have passed, and Alucard finally discovered Millennium's secret base. But the best Vatican's vampire hunter, Father Anderson, is after him…

Comments: Created by Kohta Hirano, inspired by characters from Bram Stoker's Dracula.

In the TV show, the story is almost the same as the manga version listed above, except that instead of Millennium, Alucard fights Incognito, whose appearance is never explained. But both the manga and the TV show agree about Alucard: even if he works for the " nice guys ", Alucard is a psycho, a sadistic and pretentious murderer who loves fighting, death and blood. As he says in the manga, "Ah... the scent of death. The fragrance of war!"

Profile provided by Johnny Fox. Amendments provided by Igor Khrustalev, Michael Katalenich, Linda Hutchinson, Nicholas Johnston and Kenneth Munn.


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