Real Name: Daniel

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Member of the (pre-corporation) Watch - no other occupation shown

Affiliations: The Watch

Enemies: Zero, Vain, Entropist, Typhon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Dan

Base of Operations: Apartments in Kingdom City

First Appearance: The Watch Volume 1, #1 (Phosphorescent Comics, March 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Adapt could absorb inorganic matter, or even walk throuh it as if it was air. Bullets could not harm him, and in a fight he would absorb whatever detritus was in the area to form both armour and a weapon around his body. He could use anything he absorbed to carry out it's original function, only now as part of his body (be they computers or machine guns). He was still vulnerable to organic matter however, and so was unable to prevent The Fisher snapping his neck with his bare hands.

History: Adapt was a member of the superteam known as the Watch. After the team had discovered evidence of experiments being carried out on superhumans, Adapt decided to go public with the information. The Fisher, believing that this would be disastrous for all superhumans, asled Adapt not to do so. When Adapt ignored him, Fisher snapped his neck, killing him. His corpse was retrieved by Dr.Walsley, apparently to be used in the next generation of Typhon.

Comments: Created by Christian Read and Scott Fraser


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