Pa Angel, patriarch of the Angel Gang


Page, sidekick of Kobalt

Pai, three-eyed demon

Paige, Heidi, teenager with electrical powers

Painkiller Jane

Painted Doll

Paladin, leader of the Potentate


Pammy, member of Batch 72

Panday, Filipino hero

Pandora, Ironwood

Pandora, Technet

Pandora, Yesterday Men

The Pangaean, foe of Tom Strong

Pangeran Mlaar, Indonesian hero

Panoramix, Gaulish druid

Pansy Potter, the Strongman's daughter

El Pantera

Pantera Roja

Pantha, Warren heroine

Pantheon of Heroes

Panther, GeneDog

The Panther, Australian hero

Panther Man, Australian hero



Paradax, superpowered lout

Paragon, AC Comics hero

Paragon, Devil's Due hero

Parker, Pete, ally of the Litluns


Parrish, Owen, one of the Metallix team

Partout, Passe-Pas, ally of Fish Lecan

Patchman, Master of the Marsh

Pathe, Butler of the O-Men

Patoruzú, Golden Age Argentian hero

Pat Patriot, Golden Age heroine

Patriot, Timely Comics hero

Patriot, one of the Specials

Pat Savage, cousin of Doc Savage

Paul, Tomorrow People

Paul the Samurai, ally of the Tick

Paul Saveen, arch enemy of Tom Strong

Payback, member of the Shadow Cabinet

P.C. 49, British bobby

The Peacekeeper, Future Comics


Peace Party, Native American heroes

Peanut, Warpie

Peck, member of Bad Company

Pedro Penduko, Filipino hero

Peel, Emma, partner of John Steed

Pele de Cobra, Brazilian hero

Pellon Cross, vampiric enemy of Orion Assante


Pendragon, Mordecei, Vampirella ally

The Penguin, Golden Age Canadian hero

Penguin Kid

El Pequeño Pantera Negra, Spanish jungle boy

Percival, Knight of the Round Table

Percy Puffer, British kid with superhuman breath

Peregrine, Wild Cards

Peregrine, Top Ten

Perez, one of the Warheads


Perry, Jake, Esper assassin

Peter, Crossbreed member, hero of Astro City

Peter P. Peterson, member of the Soulsearchers

Peter Piper, boy with magic pipe which can bring the inanimate to life

Pete's Pocket Army, tiny aliens

Pete's Pockets, British lad who could produce anything from his pockets

Pete Wisdom, member of Excalibur

Phaeton, protector of Cynosure


The Phantom, cloaked reporter from Pow Annual 1972

Phantom, a pulps detective

Phantom, The Ghost who Walks, a dynasty of heroes created by Lee Falk - this is the 21st, the star of the newspaper strips

Phantoma, Japanese hero

Phantom Blot, enemy of Super Goof

Phantom Bullet, Timely hero

Phantom Bunny, partner of Bullet Crow

Phantom Commando, Australian airman

Phantom (Detective), pulps slueth

Phantom Eagle

Phantom Falcon, Fiction House's Golden Age hero

Phantom Falcon, Holyoke Golden Age hero

Phantom Jack, invisible reporter

Phantom Jungle Girl, ally of the Tick

Phantom Jungle Girl, 1950's, mother of the last

The Phantom Knight, Australian hero

Phantom Lady, U.S.

Phantom Lady, Philippines

Phantom of Bascom Hill, scarred martial artist and anti-war protestor who has been hiding out beneath his old university. Opponent of the Badger

Phantom of Cursitor Marsh, ghostly spectre who fought for justice in the 18th century

Phantom of Fear City, ghostly sailor cursed to return to the scene of his death every seven years

Phantom Pirate

Phantom Protector

The Phantom Ranger

Phantom Reporter, Golden Age Timely hero

Phantom Rider, Canadian Golden age hero

Phantom Sphinx

Phantom Soldier, Nedor hero

Phantom Trooper, Australian hero

Phantom Viking, British hero


The Phenomes, Actionfolksinger

Phil the Fluter, British youth with magical flute


Phoenix, Atlas Comics hero

Photon, member of Youngblood

Photonik, French hero


The Pie, alien visitor to Earth

Pierce, Lexa, member of Mutant X

Pig-Iron, member of Codename: Strikeforce

Pigsy, ally of Monkey

Pilgrim, member of Wetworks

Pilgrim, Deena, Powers Division Homicide

Le Pilote Noir

Pim Pandoer, Dutch hero

Pineapple Man, Hawaiian hero

Ping the Elastic Man, Beano character

Pintados, team of Filipino heroes

Pippi Långstrump, youthful Swedish heroine

Pirana, aquatic hero


Pit Bulls, Steel Harbor police unit


Pizza Man, Australian hero

Plainsman, Team Tejas

Planetary, archaeologists of the impossible

Planetary Brigade, humorous hero team

Plasma, French heroine

Plasmer, British heroine

Plasmo The Mystic, Superior Squad

Plastic Man, elastic hero

The Platinum Blonde, villain from Astro City

Plus, Shadow Cabinet

Plutos, Italian hero

Pneuman, robotic butler to Tom Strong

Poe, Jared, Crow

Poet, one of the Specials

Point, Jack, the Simping Detective

Polarman, ally of Thermoman

the Polecat, Vile Brotherhood

Polestar, member of the New Wave

Polka-Dot Pirate, Canadian crimefighter

Pollux, member of the Hero Alliance



Polymar, Japanese hero

Popbot, cyberbot bodyguard

Pope Innocent XLII, enemy of Grendel

Popeye, the Sailor Man

Popinjay, Ace detective

Porcupine, member of Storm Force




Portal, Serbian hero

Porter, Janine, superhero lawyer

Porter Scott, ally of the Elementals

Porthos, Musketeer

Positron, agent of Vlasov

The Potentate

Potter, Harry, teenage wizard

Poutinette, French Canadian heroine

Powderkeg, M.A.S.K.

Power Chin

Powerhaus, member of the Hero Alliance

Powerhaus, member of DV8

Powerman, British Golden Age hero

Power Man, American Golden Age hero

Powerman, Australian hero

Power Nelson

Powerpuff Girls, pre-schooler heroines

Pow Girl, Partner of the Web



Prairie Kid, Atlas Comics cowboy

Prankster, Charlton Comics character

Prankster, Golden Age hero

Preacher, Jesse Custer

Preacher Cain, The Missionary Man


Pretty Cure, Japanese duo

Prime Movers


Prince Ahmoud

Prince John

Prince Mamba

Princess Nida, Arabian Knight

Princess Pantha

Prince Turhan, leader of the Arabian Knights

The Prisoner, Number 6

Priss, Knight Saber

Privateers, Canadian hero team

Pro, superpowered lady of the night

Professor, partner of Rocket Rabbit

The Professor, leader of Miracle, Inc.

Professor Borzoi, Astro City villain

Professor Challenger, British explorer and scientist

Professor Krait, a.k.a. The Snake

Professor Kraken, British scientist

Professor Lahat, Israeli hero

Professor Moriarty, nemesis of Sherlock Holmes

Professor Muerte, foe of the League of Champions

Professor Pomegranate, mad scientist who creates superhumans for the Thugmaster

Professor Quatermass, British scientist

Professor Radius, Mexican hero

Professor X, Golden Age hero

Project: Hero, Canadian heroes


Prospero, Astro City villain

Protector, Atlas comics hero

The Protectorate, dead Australian hero team

Protoplasman, Big Bang hero

Protoid, alien member of the second Bad Company

Proto-Zoalord Murakami, Guyver ally

Prowler, thirties crimefighter, recently come out of retirement

Prowler, the original Prowler's protege

Prune, Warpie

Psi-Fire, member of Youngblood

Psi Judge Anderson, Mega-City One's top telepath


Psybina, Alpha Corps

Psyche, League of Champions

Psycho, cyborg enemy of Max Steel

Psycho, creation of Daniel Brereton


Public Spirit, enemy of Marshall Law

Puck, Alpha Flight

Pulsar, enemy of the League of Champions

Puma, French heroine

Puma, Spanish hero

Puma Man

Pumice, Warpie

Punk Rock, Hero High


Puppeteer, Golden Age hero

Puppetman, Ace politician

Purdey, New Avengers

Pureheart the Powerful, Archie superhero


Purple Heart, Superior Squad

Purple Hood, British government agent

Purple Mask, Golden Age vigilante

The Purple Mask, Dandy supervillain

Purple Penetrator

Purple Rider

Purple Tigress, Golden age heroine with jungle girl motif

Purple Zombie

Putri Bintang, Indonesian heroine

Pyre, Rising Stars

Pyre-Anna, Catfish Comics

Pyroman, Golden Age hero

Pyroman, Canadian hero

The Python


Q, investigate Question Mark crimes

Q-Bikes, teenage British heroes

Q-Karts, the above teenage British heroes, now with new vehicles

Quake, Codename: Strikeforce

Quantum, partner of Woody

Quantum Leaper, not Sam Beckett, but acquaintance of Megaton Man

Quarrel, minor Astro City crook

Quarrel, member of the Honor Guard

Quarteto Supimpa, Brazilian hero team

Quasiman, Joker

Quatermain, Allan, legendary Great White Hunter

Quatermain, Allan, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Quatermass, British rocket scientist

Qube, teenage French hero

Quebra-Queixo, Brazilian hero

Queen of Swords, heroine of old California

Quest, member of the O-Men

Question, Charlton comics vigilante

Quicksilver, British Western superhero

Quicksilver, Quality Comics' hero

Quill, Warpie

Quinch, partner of D.R.

Quiverwing Quack, daughter of Darkwing Duck