Real Name: Patoruzú

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Estanciero (rich owner of lands, cows and sheeps among other), adventurer

Affiliations: Don Gil Contento, Pamperito (his beloved horse), Ñancul (his housekeeper), La Chacha (his cook)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Isidorito (cousin and playboy), Upita (cousin), General Cañones (uncle of Isidorito).

Aliases: Paturuzito

Base of Operations: Buenos Aires, Argentina and Patagonia

First Appearance: Aventuras de Don Gil Contento strip in Buenos Aires newspaper Crítica (19th October, 1928)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, fortitude and agility.

History: Patoruzú was a native of Patagonia and the last of the giant "tehuelche" Curugua-Curiguagüigua tribe. He moved to Buenos Aires to live with Argentinian nobleman Don Gil Contento after Contento's uncle, who had been his sponsor, died. A millionaire in his own right, the unswervingly moral Patoruzú would have a number of adventures, both in Buenos Aires, back in his native Patagonia, and in Argentina as a whole.

Comments: Created by Dante Quinterno.

Like Popeye, Patoruzú began as a guest in another character's strip, only to see his rising popularity result in his taking over the title role: in August 1931, some three years after he debuted, the Aventuras de Don Gil Contento were retitled Patoruzú. On 10th November 1936 he gained his own magazine, initially reprinting his early appearances but later producing some original stories; the title is apparently still being published to this day. On 20th of November 1942, he got his own short cartoon.

Thanks to Agustin Alvarez T. Ubiria for additional information.

Leonardo de Luca informs me "Patoruzú and Patoruzito are not necessarily the same comic. Patoruzito is a younger version of Patoruzú and he had his very own magazine (and there's a movie now too). The same applies for Isidoro/Isidorito, Isidorito is Isidoro when he was a kid, but he used to be published in a different magazine."


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