Real Name: Unknown





Known Relatives:

Aliases: Rose, Erin Grey; Julie Rich

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Champions RPG; Champions (Eclipse, then Hero Comics); League of Champions; Rose

Powers/Abilities: Psyche has psychic abilities, including projecting telepathy and the ability to create illusions. She is empathic, and can shut down the minds of others, rendering them unconscious. She can also teleport by shifting herself briefly into another dimension. All her powers include a manifestation of the scent of flowers, which is where she gained her codename of Rose (which she later changed to Psyche). She commonly wears a kevlar suit to give her protection from less mystical threats.

History: Psyche is believed to be the reincarnation of a powerful, prehistoric, sorceress. She has an innate understanding of magic (though she doesn't normally use it herself), and strong psychic powers. She became a occult investigator, and sometimes member of the Champions. When working in the former role, she is commonly accompanied by her friend John Carstairs.

Comments: Rose started "life" as a member of the Guardians, one of the characters played by the original designers of the Champions Role-Playing Game. She transferred with the rest of her team to comics when Eclipse did a mini-series based on the game, and in order to avoid confusion among the readers, the team was renamed to match the game, becoming the Champions. The mini-series was sufficiently successful to spawn an ongoing series, now under the newly launched Hero Comics. After a few years the comic company and the game company went their separate ways, and various characters were renamed to avoid infringing copyright - the Champions became the League of Champions, Marksman became Huntsman, Foxbat became the Flying Fox, and Rose became Psyche.


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