Pureheart the Powerful

Real Name: Archie Andrews


Occupation: Student at Riverdale High.


Enemies: Ice Cube

Known Relatives: Mary and Fred Andrews (parents).


Base of Operations: Riverdale

First Appearance: Life with Archie #42 (Archie, 1965)

Powers/Abilities: Archie is given super strength when he kisses Betty, and when he kisses Veronica, he is as weak as Archie is (this is in Pureheart the Powerful #1, it may not be in the entire series). When Pureheart changes back to Archie, Archie doesn't remember what he did as Pureheart, and no one else remembers Pureheart either.

History: An otherwise average student at Riverdale High, Archie discovered the PH (pureheart) factor from a book in a library one day, allowing him to transform into the superhero Pureheart the Powerful.

Comments: Archie was created by Bob Montana.

Thanks to Rebecca Kaplan for filling in a number of the blanks in this character's profile.


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