Real Name: Panoramix (or Getafix in the English editions)

Identity/Class: Druid (magic user, specialising in potions)

Occupation: Druid

Affiliations: The people of his village, especially Asterix and Obelix

Enemies: The Romans

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Getafix (name in most English translations); Hokus Pokus (Valiant reprint), Doric (Ranger/Look and Learn reprint)

Base of Operations: Small village in the north of Gaul.

First Appearance: Asterix the Gaul

Powers/Abilities: Panoramix knows how to mix a variety of magical potions. That said, his greatest ability is his keen mind.

History: Panoramix is a Gaulish druid. With his assistance (and potion of strength) he has allowed one village in northern Gaul to remain free from Roman occupation.

Comments: Created by Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny.

As T.Murray reminds me, in the English translation of the Asterix books Panoramix is called Getafix.

Harry Hayfield notes that

Over the years Panoramix has also turned up in all the Asterix feature-length cartoons. In most cases he was voiced by Henri Labussière (Asterix the Gaul, 1967; Asterix and Cleopatra, 1968; The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, 1976; Asterix vs. Ceasar, 1985; Asterix in Britain, 1986; Asterix and the Big Fight, 1989). In at least one case Geoffrey Bayldon provided his voice (Asterix in America, 1994 - unsure who voiced Obelix in the French version).


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