Pedro Penduko

Real Name: Pedro Penduko

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Reluctant hero

Affiliations: Maguayan; Bambi (girlfriend), Ricky (younger brother), Abraham, Anna, Kidlat, Silahis, Rosario, Juan;  Bulan (female warrior); Alia (mysterious child)

Enemies: Lucifero

Known Relatives: Unnamed famous ancestor

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Kanlinugan

First Appearance: Liwayway Magazine

Powers/Abilities: No superpowers, but resourceful and quick witted.

History: (Episode II: Pedro Penduko, the Return of the Comeback.) He was the descendent of a famous hero, but for the young Pedro Penduko heroism on the silver screen was far more appealing than real life bravado. However Pedro was not destined to be a movie star, a fact he soon realised when he met Maguayan, the leader of a far-away land threatened with destruction by a band of ruthless warriors, the Lanto ng Kanak. Unwittingly Pedro found himself in the centre of a kingdom in need of a hero. Although initially unwilling to get involved, Pedro soon discovered the hero in himself and led the people of Kanlinugan in their struggle to prevent invasion.

Janno Gibbs as Pedro the first time round.Comments: The character is created by comics novelist Francisco V. Conching.

The first ever actor to play Pedro Penduko was Efren Reyes Sr. in the movie Pedro Penduko of Premiere Productions, Inc, in 1954. In 1973, Ramon Zamora played the role in the second Pedro penduko movie entitled Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Pedro Penduko (The Mystical World of Pedro Penduko). The most recent and most popular Pedro Penduko is Janno Gibbs, who at the moment has already starred in two Pedro Penduko Films: Ang Pagbabalik ni Pedro Penduko (1994) and Pedro Penduko, Episode II: The Return of the Comeback (2000).

Dan Ramon P. Geromo sent me additional information and pictures about the 1994 movie which also starred Janno Gibbs in the lead role. He also provided a note quoted from an article at The Inquirer Interactive:

"A sequel to the 1994 hit, "Pedro Penduko," the latest Viva Films production recounts how the title character (Janno Gibbs) becomes an action hero not in films, as he has hoped, but in the beleaguered kingdom of Kalinugan, where he fights a slew of Mortal Kombat-type evil warriors. Alia is the bratty kid who holds the key to the mysterious Tungkong Langit that Pedro is tasked to protect."

Jun Asidera mentions "The actor who played Maguayan in the 2000 movie is Ramon Zamora, the original Pedro Penduko of the 70's. He also appeared in 2 other Super Hero type movie, "Dalmasyo Armas", where he played as a warrior skilled in all kinds of weapon and "Sprakenheit!", where he played a crippled endowed with the martial arts ability of a dead German Storm Trooper "

Thanks to Jess Fernandez for informing me of the various actors to play Pedro, his creator's identity, and where he first appeared.


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