Pansy Potter

Real Name: Pansy Potter

Identity/Class: Mutant human (?)

Occupation: School girl

Affiliations: Eva Brick

Enemies: Adolf Hitler, Nazis

Known Relatives: T. Potter (father, the Strong Man), Ma Potter (mother)

Aliases: The Strong Man's daughter

Base of Operations: Potter Cottage, Beanotown;
   formerly Wonderland

First Appearance: Beano #21 (D.C.Thomson, 17 December 1938)

Powers/Abilities: Superhumanly strong.

History: Pansy Potter, "the Strong Man's Daughter," spent her formative years in the circus where her father was a performer. Like him she possessed prodigious strength, allowing her to do truly superhuman feats.

Comments: Created by Hugh McNeill.

    Having debuted in the early run of the Beano, Pansy has proved to be one of its more enduring characters, albeit one with long periods of inactivity. Her initial run in the Beano was from Beano#21 (17th December 1938) until Beano#325 (27th December 1947); during World War II her strip changed to have her fighting the Nazis. After her lengthy nine year first run, Pansy took a couple of years off before returning in Beano#369 (13th October 1949) as "Pansy Potter in Wonderland" when she discovered a hidden stairway in a well that led to the land of fairytales and began a prolonged visit there; her strip reverted to just being Pansy Potter, The Strong Man's Daughter in Beano#590 (7th November 1953) when she returned home, and continued under that title until ending with Beano#652 (15th January 1955).

   She was back again for Beano#812 (8th February 1958), for a shorter run that only lasted until Beano#854 (29th November 1958). The next time she returned was in a newly launched comic, the Sparky, initially appearing intermittently between Sparky#2 (30th January 1965) and Sparky#24 (3rd July 1965). She returned for a regular strip in Spark#80 (30th July 1966) and this time lasted until Sparky#567 (29th November 1975); having lasted a few months over nine years, this marginally beat the record set by her original strip's run. After another long hiatus, Pansy returned to her original home, reappearing from Beano#2474 (16th December 1989) until Beano#2640 (20th February 1993). She was back again from Beano#3666 (5th January 2013) to Beano#3674 (9th March 2013) as part of the Funsize Funnies section, and made a guest appearance in the 80th Anniversary Beano#3945 (2018).

   She's undergone some changes to her appearance over the years as different artists seek to update her looks to fit new audiences, but at her core the strips were much alike.

   We learned the first initial of Pansy's father when she was asked to deliver a letter to him, which identified him as T. Potter of Potter Cottage.

    Thanks to Danny Tye for corrections.


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