Membership: Jakita Wagner, the Drummer, Elijah Snow; Ambrose Chase; the Fourth Man

Purpose: To seek out the hidden truths of our world

Affiliations: Doc Brass, Anna Hark, John Stone

Enemies: The Four Voyagers

Base of Operations: Worldwide (and beyond)

First Appearance: Planetary #1

History: "This is Planetary. Three people who walk the world in search of strangeness and wonder, uncovering things others wish were left covered. They are the mystery archeologists, explorers of the planet's secret history, charting the unseen borders of a fantastic world."

Planetary's origins are a mystery - founded and funded by the mysterious "Fourth Man", it has sought out the hidden truths of our world for several years. The team always consists of three members, and while they are all superhuman, they do not seek to battle evil or injustice; rather they look to discover the truths behind a world stranger than most can imagine.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis.


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