The Pitt

The Pitt and TommyReal Name: ? Bracken

Identity/Class: Human / extra-terrestrial hybrid




Known Relatives: Ann Bracken (mother), Zoyvod (genetic father), Timmy (twin, fully human)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Spawn #1

Powers/Abilities: Superhumanly strong and tough, heals quickly, reacts to pain as a stimulant that makes him stronger and faster. Has retractable claws.

History: The fetus that would become Pitt was stolen from Ann Bracken's womb early on in her pregnancy. The thieves were alien geneticists, members of a race conquered long ago by the interstellar warriors of the Creed. Combining the fetus's DNA with that of the Creed Emperor Zoyvod, those aliens created a being who embodied the most aggressive traits of both human and Creed - the most savage, most powerful hybrid ever to emerge from one of Zoyvod's gestation tanks. Pitt possesses stupendous strength and endurance; his unusual brain chemistry responds to pain as a stimulant instead of a deterrent, so the more he hurts, the harder he fights. He weighs about a thousand pounds, and stands 7 feet tall. He's a mighty force with his massively-muscled legs, razor-sharp teeth and retractable talons. Genetically engineered to be an assassin for Creed, Pitt struggles to cope with his human emotions.

Comments: Created by Dale Keown

The Pitt's twin is Timmy, who at the start of the series is eight years old. His parents mysteriously disappeared when Timmy was only two. For years afterwards, nightmares plagued his sleep, and they came terrifyingly true with the arrival of Pitt and the Creed on Earth. Timmy's mind once served briefly as a sanctuary for Jereb, an alien of immense spiritual powers; when they separated, a part of Jereb's life-force remained inside the boy.

After Image fragmented, Dale Kweon published Pitt under the Full Bleed Studio name.


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