Real Name: Tom Tanner

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: School pupil, adventurer

Affiliations: Urnus, member of Kidz

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Petit Cube (Little Cube)

Base of Operations: France

First Appearance: Special-Rodeo #102

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: When teenager Tom Tanner rescued an alien in distress called Urnus, he was rewarded with a medallion that granted superhuman powers. Creating the persona of Petit Cube (later Qube), he became a hero, saving astronauts from hostile aliens, and later helping to form the teen group Kidz.

Comments: Created by Maurizio Torelli and Fausto Oneta.

Petit Cube originally appeared in Special-Rodeo #102, 103, 108 and 109; he returned as Qube alongside the other Kidz in "Image Comics" #3 (Semic, November 2003) in a story by Jean-Marc L'Officier and Nathan Legend.

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