Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Supernatural being

Occupation: (former) Marshall of the Heavenly Host; (current) bodyguard to the monk Tripitaka

Affiliations: Tripitaka, the Monkey King, Sandy

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Unnamed wife

Aliases: Pigsy

Base of Operations: China; (formerly) Heaven

First Appearance: Journey to the West (c.1500), although the original legend may date back to c A.D.600

Powers/Abilities: Immortal. His muck-rake can split stones and mountains. He is the strongest of the guardians of the young priest. When he allows his animalistic tendencies to take over, he often transforms into a more bestial form with a snout instead of a nose. Since Pigsy was once a Marshall of the Hosts of Heaven, commanding the River of Heaven and 80 thousand of its water beings, he is better than Monkey at fighting underwater because of his former post.

Pigsy before being cast out of HeavenHistory: Pigsy was originally the Marshall of the Jade Emperor's Heavenly armies. When he was meant to be hunting for the trouble-maker Monkey King, he became drunk. While inebriated be made drunken passes at the Spirit of Vega, and as punishment the Emperor cast him out of Heaven, condemning him to wear the form of a pig monster.

Pigsy in his more bestial appearanceOn Earth he located a farm to stay at, where he married a farmer's daughter. His animal nature soon took him over, leading him to terrorise his wife and her family, and indulge his appetite for wine and food to excess. Too strong for his in-laws to deal with, they sent a servant to the nearby village to offer gold to anyone who could rid them of this menace. As luck would have it, the pilgrim Tripitaka was passing with his guardian, the Monkey King. After the latter defeated Pigsy in battle, the former then offered the swine a way he might earn his way back into Heaven, aiding them on their quest. Thus it came to pass that Pigsy became the second of Tripitaka's protectors. While he is seeking to better himself and regain his former life, his bestial urges often overcome his better judgment, leading him and the rest of his fellows into trouble.

Comments: Played in the Monkey TV series by Toshiyuki Nishida (first two seasons) and Tonpei Hidari (third and final season). Eddie Marsan played the role in the 2001 TV movie "The Lost Empire", which was loosely based on / inspired by Journey into the West.

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