Rackman, Golden Age hero

Rackman, member of the second Bad Company

The Raccoon, Nocturnals


Radar, Golden Age hero

Radar, partner of Sonar

Radar, teleporting alien

Radian, Strikeforce: Morituri

Radioactive Man, Simpsons character

Radio Girl, ally of the Torch of Liberty


Raffles, gentleman thief


Ragged Robin, member of the Invisibles


Rai, defender of Japan in the 40th century

Raider X, Liberty Project

Rainbow, Golden age

Rainbow, DNAgents

Rainbow Boy

Rain Falling, member of Peace Party

Rainmaker, Gen 13

Raio Negro, Brazilian hero

Rajah, Filipino hero


Raker, Yesterday Men

Ramarro, Italian hero

Ramirez, Immortal swordsman

Ramjet, Vile Brotherhood

Randie, member of Batch 72

Random Virus, sometimes foe of Ace Lightning

Ranma, transforming Japanese schoolboy

Ranulph Haldane, one of the leaders of Mys-Tech

Raphael, member of the TMNT

Rapses, reborn pharoah protected by the Mummies Alive

Raptor, member of the Potentate

Raseem, strongest member of the Arabian Knights

Rasputin, enemy of the Freedom Collective

Rath, one of the Mummies Alive


Rattlebone, Australian detective

Ratman, from the Elementals universe

RatMan, from Continuity Comics

Rat-Man, Italian character

Ratman, SLOSH

Rattler, member of the Chosen

Raven, Ace Periodicals' Golden age hero

Raven, Golden age hero

Raven, THUNDER Agent

The Raven, Australian hero

The Raven, Another Australian hero

Raven, Charles, Victorian escapologist

Ravenhawk, Worldwinz Studios

Ravenshadow, Specials

Rav Sha'anan, Israeli hero

Rawhide Kid, Golden Age Western hero

Ray, Quality Comics hero


Ray, Max

Ray Presto, school boy magician

Ray Spede 

Ray Tracer, ReBoot

Ray, Vera, Pulps heroine

Raze, member of the Southern Tribe

Raze, Filipino hero


Razzo, Italian hero

RCX, U.K. government agency

The Real Thing, Astro City hero

The Rearranger, foe of the Archie Super Teens



Redback, enemy of the Jackaroo

The Red Baron, foe of the Spider

Red Blazer

Red Bee, Golden Age Quality hero

Redcoat, ally of Captain Canuck

Red Comet

Red Cross

Red Demon, Harvey Comics hero

Red Dog, one time leader of the Shadow Cabinet

Red Dragon, Golden Age hero

Red Dragon, Cloud Nine

Red Dragon, Elementals universe

Redeemer, member of the Canadian Liberty League

Red Front

Red Gaucho

Red Hawk

Red Hawkins, Atlas Comics cowboy

Red Kelso, two fisted adventurer

Red Ketchup, drug fueled FBI agent

Red Knight, newspaper strip hero

Red Leach, Futurians villain

Red Mask

Red Panda, Pulps-style hero

Red Panther, Golden Age hero

Red Pecker, Actionfolksinger

Red Queen, Marvel UK

Red Queen, Astro City

Red Rapier, foe of the Champions

Red Raven

Red Raven, Timely Comics hero

Red Razors, East Meg Judge

Red Reeves

Red Robbins

Red Rocket

Red Rogue

Red Rover, Street and Smith Golden Age hero

Red Rover, Canadian hero

Red Rover, Mysterymen

Red Rube

Red Star Robinson, British boy hero with hi-tech gadgets and a fauthful robot butler

Red Torpedo, underwater Quality hero

Red Warrior, Atlas Comics Western hero

The Red Wrecker, destructive plant

Reflector, Joker turned Ace

Reflex, member of Miracle, Inc

Reid Fleming, World's Strongest Milkman

Relampago, Azteca character, from Texas

Relámpago, Mexican character

Remlin, foe of Captain Canada

Remover, foe of the Black Archer

Remo Williams, the Destroyer

Rena, ally of Mampato

Renny, ally of Doc Savage

Retro Girl, Powers



Rex Robot, member of the Society of Heroes

Rex Ruthless, student at Hero High

Reuben Flagg, Howard Chaykin's future cop

Revenge, Strikeforce: Morituri

Rhesus, Reiki Warriors

Rhesus The Bloodhound, member of the Bloodgroup

Richard Barrett, one of the Champions

Richard Mayhew, Neverwhere

Rich the Were-Rat, Bats, Cats and Cadillacs

Rick O'Connell, pulp era adventurer

Rico Chico

Riddick, criminal

Ridge, Marvel UK character

Rift, Milestone character

Rikochet, school aged masked wrestler

Riley Thorp, ally of the Badger

Riley, Dexter, the Strongest Man in the World

Ringo Kid, Western Golden Age hero

Ringtoss, member of the Technet and Special Executive

Rip, member of the Omen

Ripclaw, member of Cyberforce


Riptide, member of Youngblood

Rivas, Maria, one of the Espers

Riviera, Dr. Buick, mad doctor

Roach, insane ally of Cerebus

Roachboy, partner of Bug Man

Roachmill, exterminator

Roach Wrangler, enemy of Badger


Roal, aquatic Italian hero

Robert Lovett, Back from the Dead

Robin Hood, legendary outlaw

Robitto, Brazilian hero

el Robo

Robo-Cable, ally of Robocop

Robocop, cyborg police officer

Robocop 2, the next generation of police cyborg, which went badly wrong

Robo-Hood, Big Bang hero

Robo-Hunter, Sam Slade

Robonic Stooges

Robot Archie, boastful British robot

Roboto, homage to DC's Cyborg

Robot Smith, British humour character

Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue

Rocambole, French rogue

The Rock, partner of Niteside

Rock Robot, Spanish hero


Rocketeer, pulp-style hero


Rocket Men

Rocket Rabbit

Rocket Robin Hood (cartoon hero)

Rockman, Golden Age hero

Rockman, member of the Society of Heroes

Rockslide, Astro City hero

Rockwell, Jake, Centurion

Rocky, Squirrel


Rode Ridder, Flemish Knight

Rodgers, Nikki

Roger, member of the Five Swell Guys

Roger the Homunculus, B.P.R.D.

Rogers, Buck, in the 25th Century

Rog 2000, early John Byrne creation

Rogue Trooper, Genetic Infantryman

Ro-Jaws, sewer droid

Roko, Golden Age hero

Rokos, Worldwinz Studios

Roma, Omniversal guardian

Romany Wisdom, sister of Pete Wisdom


Ron Dorgan, enemy of the Badger


Ron Weasley, junior wizard

Rook, Warren time travelling hero

Rook, US covert operative

Rope Man, Mighty Heroes

Rork, French sorceror




Rose Black, vampire spy and assassin

Rose, Hunter, Grendel

Rosenberg, Willow, ally of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Rose Shark, enemy of Megaton Man

Rose Tattoo, member of Stormwatch

Rosetta, Japanese school girl heroine

Rostro de Cuero, Spanish hero


Roy the Super Boy, partner of the Wizard

Rubber Brother

Rubberman, from Smash!

Rubberman, a.k.a. Tiger Boy

Rubberman, Philippines


Rune, opponent of the Maze Agency


Rushmore, Nevada, M.A.S.K.

Russian Megaton Man


Rusty, sidekick of the Defender

Rusty Ryan, Golden Age hero

Rusty the Boy Robot

Lord Ruthven

Ryan, Rusty, Golden Age hero

Rynchus, Renfro

Ryouga, Japanese boy cursed to turn into a pig