Real Name: Roscoe Schumacher

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Police officer (TDP), former demon fighter

Affiliations: John Gaunt, TDP


Known Relatives: Myra (wife), Hubie Burke (nephew, deceased)


Base of Operations: Cynosure

First Appearance: Starslayer #15


History: Gaunt's partner in the Transdimensional Police, now stationed at the 13th Precinct Station House. Gaunt still uses him as a source of information.

"Roscoe was my partner back when I was in the Trans-Dimensional Police in Cynosure." "He was basically an honest cop, which in Cynosure meant he gave you good value for the bribe." Calls Gaunt "Jawn" or "Smiley". Got his wife's nephew Hubie Burke a cushy job in ordinance and supply, only for the boy to be murdered and used as the patsy for thefts of Portable Reality Generators from the TDP.

"We made a good team, Jawn and me. Jawn'd bust their ass, I'd slant the paperwork and reports any which way necessary. We were really something special 'til they forced Jawn off th' force and Cadre picked him up."

Comments: Created by John Ostrander and Tim Truman.


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