Red Star Robinson

Real Name: Tom Robinson

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: School boy, crimefighter

Affiliations: Syrius Thrice

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Brickfield, U.K.

First Appearance: Hotspur (D.C.Thomson, 1969-73)

Powers/Abilities:None. Good athlete armed with high-tech equipment, including a flying car, the Red Star Limousine. The Limo is space-worthy.

Syrius Thrice, Red Star and the Watcher

The Red Star Limousine

History: Thwarting a bank raid in his home town of Brickfield brings 17 year old Tom Robinson to the attention of the mysterious crimefighter known as the Watcher. He equipped Tom with a number of high tech devices he had designed, including a gun that could mark criminals with a Red Star and a bowler-hatted robot assistant Mr Syrius Thrice. Red Star Robinson then became a crime fighter, often sent on specific missions by the Watcher. His secret base was beneath the stormlashed crag of Rockall, a rocky island of the coast of England.

(Untitled, Hotspur Annual 1985) Robinson and Thrice investigate the reasons behind widescale satellite disruption and discover a malfunctioning alien robot is harvesting metallic objects orbiting Earth for scrap. The two heroes overpower it and return the satellites to their original positions.

Comments: Among the artists who worked on Red Star Robinson were Terry Patrick (who also did Black Sapper) and Ron Smith (who went on to draw Judge Dredd, Nick Jolly and King Cobra.

It appears that the Watcher may not be human - in the 1985 Hotspur Annual he is described as "that mysterious being who guards the Earth's quadrant of space".

Thanks to Jim Croasdale for additional information on the artist for this character.


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