Real Name: Hibiki Ryouga (Hibiki being the last name, Ryouga being his first)

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic

Occupation: Student, traveller, martial artist, reluctant hero

Affiliations: Kuroshiro (the family dog); Akane (his "owner" in pig form)

Enemies: Saotome Ranma

Known Relatives: Parents, mentioned but never actually seen

Aliases: P-chan (name given to his pig form by Akane)

Base of Operations: Nerima Ward, Tokyo, Japan, but very mobile due to his (lack of) sense of direction.

First Appearance: Ranma 1/2 tankubon #1

Powers/Abilities: No sense of direction whatsoever (he can literally get lost by hundreds of miles in a walk between his house and the yard directly behind it). Infinite stamina, incredible physical strength. Among the specialist martial art skills he has demonstrated are Bakusaitenketsu (Blasting Point Attack), Shishihoukoudan (Roaring Lion's Blast), Oink-fu (as P-chan), and Iron Cloth Technique - able to infuse normally flexible materials (belt, bandanas) with energy such that they become very hard and stiff (uses belt like sword, bandannas like shuriken). Seemingly has an infinite number of bandanas on his head.

History: A longtime school rival of Saotome Ranma (which started when he constantly lost the race for the prized special bread provided each day at lunchtimes), Hibiki Ryouga challenging him to a duel in the empty lot behind his home. However it took Ryouga over a week to get there (see Powers), and by the time he arrived, Ranma had left with his father to visit China for training purposes. Eventually catching up with Ranma at Jyusenkyou, he was knocked into the Sorrowful Spring of the Drowned Piglet, and he emerged as a cute little piggie. Chasing Ranma back to Tokyo, he has maintained their rivalry, never seeming to get the upper hand on Ranma for very long.

Comments: Created by Rumiko Takahashi

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