Rose Tattoo

Real Name: Rose Tattoo (or Murder)

Identity/Class: Humanoid personification of a conceptual idea

Occupation: Stormwatch operative, Henry Bendix's personal assassin

Affiliations: The Authority; formerly StormWatch, Henry Bendix

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Skywatch

First Appearance: Stormwatch #37

Powers/Abilities: Rose had superhuman aim. She was very skilled at creating weaponry and made her own arsenal of super-powerful handguns and knives.

History: Rose Tattoo was the spirit of murder, an ageless representation of a pure idea who had presumably existed as long as the idea itself before she was killed (presumably just this representation of murder is dead, as murders still continue).

In the 1960s Rose was a member of the superhuman conspiracy founded by The High to create a new world order, one where all the problems of the world would be fixed with technology and self-governance. While on a mission for the conspiracy Rose was discovered by a young Henry Bendix (a field agent at the time) and the latter immediately fell in love with the former. While the time between their first meeting and Bendix's restructuring of Stormwatch is largely unaccounted for Rose apparently kept very quiet and remained obedient to her new beau until called on.

Rose was meant to be a key player in Bendix's plan to establish his own new world order, but unfortunately The High's 50 year old dream of a finer world got in the way. While raiding the conspiracy's compound Rose killed one of the conspiracy while he was in negotiations with Stormwatch Black and then had her neck snapped by Jack Hawksmoor. She has not been seen since.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis.

Profile provided by "Cadmus".

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