Real Name: Foster McClane





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Stormwatch

Powers/Abilities: Flashpoint can fire beams of energy from his eyes.

History: Flashpoint was an Australian superhuman who had been a member of StormWatch, before being lured away by lucrative offers from Deathtrap to join his team, the Mercs. He acted as a double agent up until the point when the Mercs ambushed StormWatch Prime while they were engaged in a mission in the Middle East. He appeared to die in the ensuing battle, but in fact he survived this encounter.

Sometime later he ambushed his former StormWatch teammates, revealing his partnership with Deathtrap and his anger over being passed over for promotion to leader of StormWatch Prime in favor of Battalion. Given no other choice, Battalion was forced to kill his Australian teammate.



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