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Late Feb 2013

New profiles: Robots Autoteach, Boing, Steam Man, Tin-Can Tommy, Tinhead, Uncle Ironsides and CYRIL; epic adventurers Arion, Heros the Spartan, Wulf the Briton, Olac the Gladiator, Karl the Viking and Bosun Jake Flint; spies Codename Warlord, Ebony, Fireball and I, Spy; space adventurers Captain Condor, Jet-Ace Logan, Starhawk and Jeff Hawke; master criminals Dr. Ratty Rat (long overdue) and the Great Thespius; powerhouse footballer Hotshot Hamish; heroines Spring-Heeled Jill; anthropomorphic detective Inspector Lebrock; superhero Mudman; speedster Janie B. Quick.

Updates: Brassneck's origin has been added, along with new images for him; new images for Billy Dane; an unmasked image for the Cat of Catch the Cat; images for the Dandy's Comet; images for Jackie Flash (long overdue); details and images for Charlie Raven; Faceache; Fiends' Beans; Grimly Feendish; Hulk the Menace; Iron Warrior; Iron Teacher; Incredible Bulk; Klanky; Martha's Monster Make-Up; Phantom Viking; Python; Rick Random; Screamer; Valda, Visible Man, Von Hoffman, Professor Kraken.

8 June 2012

Quite a sizeable update to Dorian Gray.

19 May 2012

Along with the usual slew of small tweaks here and there, there are also new profiles for Thundarr, Ookla and Princess Ariel, plus the kaiju Megaro, all courtesy of Michael Higuchi.

14 May 2012

Lots of tweaks, but notable additions to Acromaid, with information from Dennis Ray filling out what was previously only a blank entry. Also added Captain ROC and Wyrd.

14 November 2011

Several new and updated entries in the Pulps section.

4 November 2011

Various minor updates, but also added significant new info to South Africa's Mighty Man, with all credit for that going to the generous assistance of Nick Wood, and Italy's Zakimort. Both these entries were largely empty, "placeholders," before.

30 June 2011

Just a quick note to confirm to those who have asked - yes, I am still updating the site, and have done so a number of times since June last year. I just keep forgetting to update this page with a note of what else is being updated.

June 2010

I've made a bit of a push of late on trying to catch up on the huge backlog of mail I have (thanks again to those who have written to me with additional information, images, etc). I get a lot of mail, and if, for any reason, I can't clear it as it comes in, it piles up fast (I'm now down to just under 500 unanswered e-mails, out of a prior backlog of 1,000 or so). I've been atrocious with clearing this backlog, and a few e-mails have sat for as much as five years, which is unconscionably bad of me. I never intended to leave anything that long, but a tendency to try and clear the backlog from the newest mails back meant that I simply never got right back to some of the earliest ones. As such, those people have my abject apologies - I do try to acknowledge all the mail I get, and my bad manners on keeping people waiting is inexcusable.

One side effect of clearing some of the backlog is that there's lots of smaller edits popping up all across the site, including (most excitingly, from my POV) more images of Golden Age British and Australian characters (much of that courtesy of Dennis Ray), new Italian and Spanish entries and images (some Dennis Ray, some from various Italian and Spanish correspondents), more Japanese kaiju (and other entries) from Michael Higuchi, and, soon if not with this update, more Filipino characters, courtesy of numerous correspondents (including my reliable sources of all things Pinoy, Jess Fernandez and Raffy). Thanks to all of them, and those I haven't mentioned individually here (you are credited on the specific pages), for helping enhance the site and spread the knowledge of characters from around the world.

March 2010

Mostly small tweaks on the site of late (notably some in the 2000 A.D. section), as life has been rather hectic recently. Apologies to those who have written to me - I'm often remiss with keeping up with such correspondence, and worse than normal at the moment. I will try and get back to anyone who writes to me eventually.

August 2009

More updates to the Omniverse section, splitting it into sections - in the Almanac, I've made a start on the 2000 A.D. multiverse section. Also, Dennis Ray has kindly sent me information and images for the Manxman entry.

10 August 2009

As ever, there's actually been a lot of smaller updates all across the site that I just keep forgetting to mention here - sorry. The most recent update is the Omniverse page, which I've finally made a start on.

18 March 2009

Lots of small amendments made since the last time I last updated this page. Notably, I've been "bookmarking ," mostly in the 2000 A.D. and US Independents sections, putting in partial entries for various characters. While they are a long way from complete, it at least fills out those sections somewhat and reminds me of what I still need to do.

19 January 2009

Since the last time I amended the updates page, there's been several additions. Notably, the Watchmen entries have been expanded, especially Rorschach.

20 August 2008

As can be clear by the gap between the date above and the one below, I've continued to be pretty bad about listing the updates. Sorry! Amongst the recent updates are expanded entries for Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty, Dr. Watson, Dr. Moreau, Spring-Heeled JackSir Denis Nayland Smith and Fu Manchu in the British literature section. There's also updates to Bruiser.

5 February 2008

There have been a bunch of updates over the last year, but I'm afraid that for a variety of reasons I've been pretty bad at updating this page to point them out. Sorry! Check out the War of the Independents section for many of them. And I'll try to be a bit better at noting the updates here in future.

18 February 2007

Filled out the entries for Baragon, Kingu Kongu and Shadowhawk, added an entry for Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku, all thanks to information sent in by Michael Higuchi.

17 February 2007

Started working through my huge backlog of e-mails on the site. Still have around 400 to do, but have updated various pages with snippets here and there. The most notable updates are to the Silverline pages (thanks to Thomas Fortenberry for this), Danny Doom (thanks to John Reppion and Leah Moore), and to various British characters including Streamline, Ace Hart, the Bat and Starr of Wonderland (a character I've been seeking info and images on for ages) - all these later ones thanks to the invaluable help of Dennis Ray, with "Threedscom" adding further details on Starr.

8 February 2007

As ever, I'm most remiss with updating the Updates page. There's been several new additions, including an overhaul of the Columbia comics page, the Four Star page, and the respective characters of both.

Oops - nearly forgot - there's also updates in the Broadway comics pages, and new pages covering Devil's Due and Dynamite Entertainment.


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