Ti Malice

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human mutant (Joker/Ace)

Occupation: Controller

Affiliations: mounts Hiram Worchester

Enemies: Jay Ackroyd

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: initially Haiti; later New York

First Appearance: Wild Cards: Aces Abroad

Powers/Abilities: Ti Malice can attach himself to victims like a leech, living off their life force. In return he stimulates their pleasure centres, giving them the ultimate high...but only while he is connected to them. Instant, crushing, controlling addiction. As a result when his victims are released, the thing they long for most, indeed live for, is to be "mounted" once again.

History: Ti Malice was a joker/ace that had a small body and was able to exist only as a parasite. Hailing from Haiti, he used his powers of giving pleasure to enslave a large number of  "mounts", using them and degrading them to sate his own appetite for sensations. When a group of prominant Aces and Jokers travelled there as part of an international fact finding tour for the U.N., he used the opportunity to enslave one of them, Hiram Worchester, who then smuggled the tiny leech and his favourite mounts into the States. He continued to destroy lives and widen his circle of slaves, until he made the mistake of trying to take Popinjay as his newest victim. The Ace detective managed to get a hand free, and teleported the monster quite literally into a scene from the detective's worst nightmares.

Comments: Created by John J.Miller.

Thanks to Josh Geren for informing me of some of Ti Malice's background.

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