Guyver Universe

In ancient times an alien race known as the Creators experimented on humans in an attempt to create the ultimate soldiers for their wars on other planets. They left before they had finished, leaving behind many of their creations, beings known as Zoanoids. Over the centuries some of these Zoanoids interbred with humans, introducing strands of potential into mankind's genepool. In modern times the Chronos Corporation began to take advantage of this, using their own experiments to unlock the Zoanoid DNA within their subjects, and like the Creators before them, they tried to create soldiers. But the Creators had also left behind three Guyver Units, biomechanical symbiotes which could bond with a living host, then generate an armoured form with enhanced capabilites. After a rogue Zoanoid stole the Guyver units from Chronos and scattered them, one of these units fell into the hands of Shô Fukamachi, a seventeen year old school boy, who now opposes Chronos' plans as the heroic Guyver.


Guyver II

Guyver III

Proto-Zoalord Murakami





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